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5 Best Telegram Clients For Android !

Telegram developed by two russian devs who developed Vikonte social media sharing russian website after Vikonte Paul and his co developer made telegram. Telegram is one of the security and privacy oriented app available in playstore bei…

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7 Best Screen Recorder Apps : 2020

Screen recording is one of the important tool which can do live and record your activity. * Top 7 Screen Recorder Apps For Android •   - Foo View   - Recordie   - DU Screen Recorder   - Mobizen Screen Recorder   - AZ Screen Recorder   -…

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Android 11 : Everything You Need To Know !

Android  is quite consistent in releasing latest softwares to thier lineup pixel 3 and it did same year to after the android 10 Q successor android 11 got some amazing stuff, Android continously releasing android 11 beta updates even though it's…

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5 Best Instant Bank Account Open Apps

There are times opening bank account is very time taking process multiple visits to bank to submit applications delay in granting activation of bank account etc. But here in this era instant bank account opening getting popular as more easy and conv…

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How To Open Instant Kotak 811 Bank Account Online For Free ?

Do you ever wanted to create bank account for free without visiting any bank then kotak 811 for you it is very easy process that you can open instant bank account in few minutes. There are only few options available to open instant bank account thro…

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5 Best Magisk Modules For Android : 2020

The android is amazing platform for developers to customize it to the core as it gives more functionality possible to most of the devices even though the manufacturer can't give that can be possible by third party developer. So if you are someon…

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