The android is amazing platform for developers to customize it to the core as it gives more functionality possible to most of the devices even though the manufacturer can't give that can be possible by third party developer.

So if you are someone like to use the features or use full potential of your android device that can do.

These 5 magisk modules do some cool stuff that amaze you and give features that a normal device won't be getting in future.

So let's get started...

1. Vold - extfat / NTFS / ext4 / f2fs

Add extfat/NTFS/ext4/f2fs file system support for external SD card only for aosp like system ( f2fs only available 
if your kernal support it.

2. Dolby Digital Plus®

Dolby Digital Plus® transports you into the song with moving audio that flows
around you with breathtaking realsm.

3. Navbar Disabler

Disable the on screen navbar, disable or uninstall module to see the navbar again.

4. L Speed

- Save your battery like never before increase screen time and many more with modes like default, power saving,
balanced, performance.

5. Xmlpak

- the module enables you to download and install vendor apps from Google Play compatibility is not guaranteed

6. App Systemizer

- Turn all apps to system apps system lessly ! Support all device running magisk.

7. Universal GMS Doze

- Prevent unnecessary GMS wake locks running in the back ground optimized and adjusted with modified services.

8. Font Changer

- A terminal script to apply 228 downloadable fonts and emojis and user provided fonts and emojis.

9. Moto Clock Widget 

- Systemlessly install motorola clock widget.

10. Wifi Bonding

- Doubles your wifi bandwidth by modifying WCNSS_qcom_cfg_ini

11. Bromite Systemless Web View

- Install bromite systemless webview Systemlessly on most roms ! you can block ads and finger printing  and protect your privacy with it, bromite is created by csagan5. See the ReadMe fot support and to download via magisk manager.

12. Global Optimized GPS File 

- the module replaces the default GPS
configuration file with one set for faster locking and more accurate.

13. Sony Music Player

- Enable Sony App And Playstore Updatable Install Sony Music From Playstore.

14. Google Dailer Framework

- framework for installing the google dailer aka google phone on android.

15. MIUI Sound Packs

- this module adds the nice miui 10 sound to any rom systemlessly.

This are 15 best and some of the magisk modules you can find many more of awesome in magisk manager.

If you want to install this modules you must root your device with magisk and install manager and go to downloads and then install and reboot..

Once reboot your installed modules will go live in your android device.

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