Screen recording is one of the important tool which can do live and record your activity.

* Top 7 Screen Recorder Apps For Android

  - Foo View
  - Recordie
  - DU Screen Recorder
  - Mobizen Screen Recorder
  - AZ Screen Recorder
  - Screen Recorder - inshot inc.
  - Assistive Touch iOS Screen Recorder

Notice : some apps support live recording and some not support that apps do work better.

- NO watermark

- NO root needed

- NO recording time limit


- Foo View

It is ultimate app to do tasks in fewer taps then it require it has key features like status bar dragger,
cropped screen recording with different widths this feature not available in any other app.

We recommend to use foo view if you don't do live screen recording you can even edit videos with thier simple yet powerful video editor.

You may wonder this app is from developer of es file explorer from 2009 to 2015 then he created this app.

It is just amazing that it got listed top #1 in our list of screen recorders you can do all the things with just one magical button onscreen.

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Recordie app by jertlok with 4.4 rating being one of the highest in playstore with 10k downloads.

It just records your screen with quality and nitrate that you have select with simple interface.

No Ads √ No Analytics √ 

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DU screen recorder

DU screen recorder is one of the well developed screen recording app available till today with all goodies with inbuilt powerful live recorder.

However, being a chinese this app is banned in last month due to privacy concerns if you live in any other country you can install it.

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Mobizen Screen Recorder

Mobizen screen recorder by Mobizen company is released on 9th may 2012 which makes this app one of the oldest screen recorder app available in playstore and trusty app.

It does provide all the features required to being the successful screen recording app but it doesn't give live screen recording which you need other app called mobizen live to do.

However, still mobizen supports all the screen recording formats and powerful screen recording app available in playstore.

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AZ Screen Recorder

AZ Screen Recorder is one of the oldest and most downloaded screen recording app in playstore it got all the feature require but no live availability.

However, it provides all the needed features to do all the works efficiently.

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- Screen Recorder : Inshot Inc.

A screen recorder app by video editing company it is one of the top ranked screen recording app do gives all the features required for users with all the latest updates got selected in this list.

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- Assistive Touch iOS screen recorder

The GUI of iOS is more catchy to use then android you may switching from iOS to android or you like iOS then android then this app gives you options that a iOS have in this app with one floating icon integrated with features on screen.

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Finally, you may find recordie or fooview better we do recommend that apps do check out other apps to you may find more features there do mention in the comment section which app you liked & why see ya :-)