Android is quite consistent in releasing latest softwares to thier lineup pixel 3 and it did same year to after the android 10 Q successor android 11 got some amazing stuff,

Android continously releasing android 11 beta updates even though it's does interuppted due to George Floyd protests
around the us.

However, till now android releases 3 beta updates and continously working for more stability and features.

Android 11 logo a dail turned to 11 is being inspired by the scene in film the spinal trap.

You can check preview : Android 11 

Android 11 notable features :-

• introduced camera x

- a new jetpack library which makes camera app development easier and to support 90% android devices.

• New features and API's 

APIs for 5G, sharing, connectivity, media, NNAPI, biometrics, and more.

• The menu displayed when holding power button now added smart devices to control them

• 5G visual indicators

On Android 11 (API level 30) and higher, apps with permission can request telephony display information updates through .

this includes radio access technology information for marketing and branding purposes.

Various 5G icon display solutions for different carriers are provided by this new API. The supported technologies include the following:

  • LTE
  • LTE with carrier aggregation (LTE+)
  • Advanced pro LTE (5Ge)
  • NR (5G)
  • NR on millimeter-wave cellular bands (5G+)

• Native screen recording

• Mute notifications during video

• Increase TOUCH sensivity

• Notification history

• Auto revoke app permissions

• Easter egg

• Exposure notification API

• Revamped power menu

• screenshot markup interface tweaks

• revamped overview menu, 

• screenshot shortcuts

• new text selection mode in overview menu

• undoing recently cleared apps ⭐

• media players now head to quick settings

• ability to dismiss persistent app notifications

• more granular back gesture tweaking

• airplane mode doesn't kill bluetooth

• pixel theme gets clock tweaks

• new motion sense option for pixel 4

• pixel 4 faceunlock is require to open your eyes

• app pining in share menu

• enhanced notification share conversations

• upgraded voice access capabilities

• conversation bubbles 

• context aware dark mode

• enhanced one time permissions

• scrolling screenshots could be coming

• reverse wireless charging for pixel 5

• multi-colored quick settings icon

• drop detection

- Developer-focused updates 

• app exit reason updates

• adb incremental installations

• wireless debugging improvements

• a new memory safety tool

• improved data access auditing tool

• better support for curved waterwall displays.

• new technologies

• scoped storage

• enhancements for project mainline

• call screening service improvements

• synchronised IME transitions

• Variable refresh rate

• Resume on reboot

There are alot of more features which a normal user never see.

for more details regarding features : here

This is indeed a great improved and good successor to previous android 10 it's still in beta phase 3 may upcoming versions will give more features and stability.