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When we think about recording good audio from android / iOS any smartphone probably we have to use quality mic or the environment should be peasent so that the recorded audio will don't have noise or any other disturbances.

Right.. well yes most of the professional studios or youtubers prefer a high standard mic for good quality audio but we even can get good quality audio recorded from smartphones mics.

Yes, it will definitely give decent output if you do record it in silence area what if you are in noisy area can your smartphone mic have the capacity either through software or hardware to supress the noise and remove it for more clearer audio.

Well.. No you smartphone mic can't do it except some apps do little job but indeed it's not that one time go that work instantly...

This is why the well known audio company from Sony Dolby popularly known for Dolby Atmos which revolutionized mobile audio and theatre audio experience with thier reality audio experience technology.

Dolby intially stated the app name going to be dolby 234 and it released for iOS first and it taken very long to get released to android and its worth the wait the app improved your voice like no other app that do.

You can download Dolby ON from Playstore the app intial project name is Dolby 234 however now it is Dolby ON once downloaded install it.

Now if you installed this you probably see some amazing features like record mic and video and you can even do live to twitch or other urls.

Dolby ON once you start recording Dolby app use mic and notify you to be silient so the app can measure noise surround you and set thier own setup according to your environment for best output using thier software technology.

• Boost fullness and help your audio and video recording cut through with compression and pro limiting to achieve ideal loudness. 


We’ve used five decades worth of innovative sensory science to give you one powerful audio recorder and video app that automatically gives your music recording or video incredible sound that you won’t believe you recorded using just your phone. 

Dolby On is with you to capture, nurture, and realize your creativity: with incredible sound quality sound, anytime, and anywhere.

- Dolby ON Notable Features

• Noise Reduction

• Dynamic EQ

• Stereo Widening

• Compression

• De - Essing

• Volume Maximization

• Normalisation

• Easy Fades

• Post Audio With Animated Visuals

• Dolby’s unique Dynamic EQ and spatial audio for tone and space.

You can record lossless audio and edit anytime anywhere.

You can even share the optimized audio locally or to most popular social media sites as well.

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