Hi, you probably need identity card for various government services for accountability and many more usages then in india Pan card is most essential identity card that need to be taken for IT, Tax, Returns and to start bussiness or to get bank account it's one of the most important card.

So, let's see how to get that card in 1min and for free if you are tired up with onlineservices.nsdl.in or any other pan card apply website and got a error or failure that your details mismatch or you don't get otp to get verification done etc.

Now you will solve all of these but wait you just need one thing your aadhar should linked with the mobile no. that you currently have it.

If you done that let's get started...

• Enter your aadhar number and proceed and then your data will be fetched and now proceed..

• Now enter your mobile no. and the proceed and now you will get the OTP - one time password.

• Enter the one time password and then proceed and now confirm the dialog box to get the ✓ sign and then proceed and wait for some time and now check the status of pan card.

• Go to check status enter aadhar card, enter captcha and then enter OTP and now you will get the status either allotment failed or placed.

• if everything right with your aadhar details and mainly you linked mobile no. you will definitely get the pancard and it was digitally signed by income tax department so you can use same as physical pan card it will have all the rights.

• once you get the pan card alloted to you then download the pan card.

• you need password to open pan card, your date of birth is password for ex : 15/7/1991 is your date of birth, you need to enter : 1571991.

• if you are using android to open pdf you need to open with google pdf and use default file manager for better compatibility.

• Do remember it will take 15 days to completely get the pan card valid as per customer care if u are using pan card for a service and getting the job done do wait for it.

• once you done everything. you are ready to go with your pancard but wait what about physical pan card.

• you can got onlineservices.nsdl.com or utsl.com website and search for pan card reprint or duplicate click on that enter the pan I'd that you got and now proceed it will take 51rs to deliver you the pan card..

That's it, now you will have full functional pan card available to you.

If you have any doubts or queries you can comment down below.