Greetings Internet users, today we bring you an app for android devices, ideal for Pokémon fans, its name is PokeDialer.

What is PokeDialer?

 PokeDialer is an application you can download from the Playstore, which replaces our device's typical tasteless calling application with a Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal theme. This application is easy to use, intuitive, and has an old-school design that makes everyone feel nostalgic for their days as Pokémon.You have several options when it comes to customising your call, which are as follows:

- Customized In-Call user interface which shows an incredible battle just like the original game boy game!

- Choose a Trainer and Pokémon for any of your contacts which you will then "battle" against everytime you make a call with them!

- Choose your own Trainer and Pokémon among the first 251 Pokémons of the National Pokédex!

- The whole app is styled in the classic Game Boy Color theme!

- Dark Mode and different ways to activate it!

- Editable Call Log!

- Contact list!

- Customizable Quick Responses!

It's worth mentioning that the app doesn't have any ringtones, so if we want an immersive experience we'll have to download one of our choice through an external source; for example the trainers' battle theme, since, it must be said that the battles are merely visual. Still, this app is an excellent gadget for those of us who are fans of the franchise.

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