Today, android gaming reaching top heights in terms of graphics and technical things are into  advancements such new gaming phones and processors are getting popular for gaming centric users.

Gaming phones are becoming affordable as time goes with new technologies adaptations which is making game developing companies to conduct tournaments all over the world with thier games.

In the list of such games pub g mobile is one of the popular and most downloaded game in the playstore in two versions :  pub g mobile, pub g mobile lite which is for low end devices.

So, we thought to compete and compare both of them how this versions perform with our analysis and thier prospects & cons.

However, it is not recommended to you take our review seriously it is upto you to test out and try the game versions yourself as this review is most important subjective to author.

The game performance is based on processor, system, android version, gpu, cpu, ram, rom, it 
matters alot so everyone experience is difference from device to device so let's be practical.

Before the comparision, pub g mobile is created by green for tencent games back in 2018 on march 19, it is based on unreal engine 3.

* Pub G : Player Unknown BattleFields *

<h1> Pub G Mobile Vs Pub G Lite </h1>

• Pub G Mobile and Pub G Lite uses same gaming engine unreal 4 and both released by tencent but pub g mobile powered by krafton union.


- Pub G mobile is whooping 1.9gb in size which makes this one of the big size game.

- Pub G Lite is for low end devices which is 500mb in size.

Pub G Mobile & Pub G Lite have many differences so the size says everthing in first sight itself.


Gaming is not fun without players if that is online fps then it's is more fun the more the players the more exciting it is right then here.

Pub G Mobile supports upto 100 players but lite version only supports 60 players in india but for other countries it's limited to 40 players only.


Here comes the interesting subject doesn't it well maps are important compared to Pub G mobile ... Pub G Lite have small map and less arcades to.

In this case Pub G mobile wins easily, lite version have only one small map but Pub G mobile have many upto 5 maps and many arcades.

Not only that, Pub G mobile even supports you to training availability in app itself.

- Pub G Mobile Maps 

• Miramar

• Vikendi 

• Sanhok

• Livik ( Latest )

- Pub G Lite Maps

• Varenge 

• Golden Woods

You can check the maps yourself but we indeed found Varenge map in lite version is more better in terms of all of them it is well furnished.


In this case, Pub G mobile drags lite version behind the mobile version is more amazing.

But, we can't leave pub g lite version without appreciating it for best output in less size.

However, interms of graphics division pub g mobile indeed a great player.

Sound Quality

Sound quality is most important things that any developer have to focus on, pub g mobile & lite have good quality but pub g mobile have upper hand interms of package but lite is crisp.

Pub G mobile is good but Pub G Lite is crisp.


- Pub G Mobile

Haha, you have to download maps even after 1.9gb of consumption which make this more bigger.

- Pub G Lite

Well, simple no more downloads needed just play with with well furnished varenge that's it.

Internet Connectivity ( Ping )

This is most important thing, if your playing any online action fps game in case of pub mobile it disconnects if the internet speed lower than 64 kbps frequently which is frustating.

But incase of lite you can play the game even the ping is lower it may take you into game 10 to 20 sec more time but it won't disconnect.

FPS & Performance In Mid - Low End Devices !

Pub G Lite wins in one word as it is specifically made for low end devices it performs well if u don't apply any settings if you apply it is better.

Pub G mobile lags a little is you are on old chip or old device with less battery even you apply some setting it stills drag and struck little occasionally.

VPN - Virtual Private Network

Pub G Mobile is untested but lite version won't work in vpn mode.

Language Based Players

You can choose some languages first or seconnd language preference based on that players will be selected in mobile version but lite it is location based.

Shooting Players

It is easy shooting in mobile in fews shots the opponent player will be dead but in lite it is more amazing and exciting it takes clever target shots to get the opponent player to get killed.

Maps Versions 

Here lite wins again in varenge they are four version communication tower, war, war rpg, normal ver. which are great even though it's one map.

But in mobile version there is only payload ver. so here the + point goes to lite version.

No Boxes In Entry Place

In lite version in varenge we have this upward boxes which placed one upon one, on the above boxes there is one classy jacket which will be awarded whoever picked up first which is challenging but we didn't have any in mobile version.

• Wooden Boxes 

Which have loads of stuff which land on the player arena from sky which lite ver. have it.

Not found in mobile version !

We will add more aspects regarding pub mobile vs pug lite as we found more in future.

To Install pub g mobile or pub g lite you can do download it from playstore you can even do it from verified sites like

Do make sure you don't do modding pub g or pubg lite else your account will be banned.

Finally, we liked lite version better than mobile version liking change from person to person u may found mobile ver. better we respect share your views in comment section we appreciate also if you like lite congo: see ya :)