Just few days back pubg banned in India and also removed from playstore and appstore soon it got many negative responses but security and privacy of country is more important than any game that entertaines.

This app bans gives opportunity and greater out look to indian developers to build apps and games that are based in India and generate revenue for India as India is talent hub due to several factors indian developers are not able to build apps and games that are more advanced due to no proper funding this will be solved by aatma nirbhaar scheme that lauched few months back.

Now, not only pub g including that upto 170 china based apps removed from playstore while pub g is most popular even though there are many alternatives but still pub g is better than all of them.

In this response and wide popularity on action fps battle royale games in India taking opportunity to release a game alternative to pub g called fau g was announced by actor akshay kumar and ceo of ncore games vishy go today in instagram.

As per Instagram post this game will let you learn the sacrifices of our soldiers and 20% revenue will to be donated to #BharatKaVeer trust.

It is expected that FAU-G Fearless And United Guards game will be launched in end of October and the gaming lovers are eagerly waiting for the game.

Finally, it is very important to self reliant on apps or games for country like India when there is data breach it is very required to ban the apps or games due to that supporting the India apps and games are crucial. See ya :) Jai Hind 🇮🇳