become the most popular and successful action fps game in playstore and all over the world got instant hit in most countries including India it been favorite to many and even pub g become life for many youtubers.

Before get started, pubg is owned by south korea company but the larger stake of the mobile version is owned by tencent which is a chinese company.

- Player Unknown Battle Grounds

Pub G available in three versions :- 

- pubg

- pubg mobile

- pub g lite

These are the available versions till now recently yesterday pub g mobile and pub g lite banned but pub g pc version not banned due to the pc version is completed owned by south korea company.

Here, where the problem occurs due to several conflicts happened during last couple of months between china and India there are several security threats can be foreseen due to that indian government banned many apps prior to this and even banned many apps again including pubg so the main issue of this apps are indian users privacy is at hazard so protecting privacy of Indian users are government responsibility so that game or the chinese government could not use the users database for unnecessary means.

the users database is stored in Chinese servers which is the major reason the apps are banned where the servers are located in china which somehow gives access to china government not only the reason is this, even it helping Chinese companies benefitting for revenue but also through userbase as well.

Which causing the indian gaming company's or developers are losing which means revenue in this sector going to Chinese companies and losing Indian government revenue so banning this games or apps due to privacy concerns and various other reasons finally pub g mobile got banned in India.

PUBG not completed yet banned it's still available in playstore may it will take 48hrs to completely remove pub g from playstore and ban servers in India so it will take some time.

It is not correct to ban any talented publisher but if there is any privacy risk which have to taken care off.

So to provide motive and help Indian government launched aatma nirbhar bharat scheme which provide financial help to talented developers and the app developers who build best alternatives to chinese games and apps will get promoted to certain extend.

Finally, pub got banned for various reasons there are other fps games do mention in comment section which game you like other than pub g and why ? See ya :)