This days we can see alot of new browsers from many developers who provide alot of features that you can't see in regular browsers like chrome or mozilla etc.

The development that goes in making this apps is just amazing that you can find full features in just below 5mb in size.

Previously, we know via browser known for 500kb tiny size to give full feature packed advanced features in browser now in this category the new name pops up called stargon browser.

This new VPN inbuild browser made by Korean developer have alot features that you even can't get in via or any other browser, 

Stargon browser was active in development and leading with 4.1 ✨ and 100k rating in playstore made by one cook Ltd.

Fast browser with gestures, ad blocking, custom fonts, night mode.

The Stargon browser is an lightweight web browser, but has 30 built-in features. Swipe gestures will allow you to go backwards and forwards as fast as turning pages in a book. It's also a secure web browser that blocks safe browsing and discoverable hidden tracking tools.

- Notable features :-

πŸ“– Gesture - You can turn web pages as you would turn pages in a book.

🎈 Ad Block - Ad filters help you remove unnecessary ads from your web pages.

πŸ“‘ DNS VPN - Protects users from DNS manipulation, and in some countries HTTPS bypass is possible.

πŸ“œ Custom fonts - Users can apply fonts, sizes, and thicknesses to web pages.

πŸŒ™ Night mode - Supports high-performance night mode that reduces eye strain.

🎬 Video Download - Built-in downloader that can download image and video and watch it.

🚩 Full screen - Full screen capability to immerse yourself in web pages.

πŸ“· Capture - There's a web capture feature for full, continuous, and partial screenshots.

πŸ›‘️ Safe Browsing - Safe browsing is possible by blocking dangerous sites in advance.

🀐 Secret mode - You can start secret mode anytime, anywhere without secret tabs.

✈️ Translate - Translate web with Google translation system.

The Stargon browser has many built-in add-ons. QR Code Includes all necessary functions such as scanner, gallery, image file search, image editing, premium file upload, PC mode, download archive and more.

For more details : here

Finally, this app can be your alternative browser to any regular browser that you using right now with alot of inbuild features this app is simply good. do mention in comment section which features of this browser is useful, see ya :-)

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