Amazon not only known for thier utmost care but also known for thier wide range of things like thier shopping website to amazon basic products.

Do you know ? Amazon also have thier own app store made for amazon kindle phones but also made available to other phones to.

Welcome to amazon app store, discover top apps & games and get recommendations based on the titles.

Amazon app store in compared to other app store it is legit, geniune and you can buy apps with thier amazon coins to.

Amazon app is very simple and clean made to use very easily for everyone.

Choose your interested and preffered category and just get the app as usual.

Once you get the app you want, now you can see the app in my apps also you can update apps here itself.

In download settings you can select WiFi or you can choose network provider to download apps.

In app purchasing you can turn on and off.

In parental controls you can on it for child safe browsing and usage.

In notifications you will get updates about offers you can turn on or off based on your preference.

In collect app data usage amazon will collect your app usage data to improve thier products.

For more details : here 

Finally, amazon app store is simply superb ! do install this app it can be saviour if your play store not work sometimes it's the best app store out there, see ya :-)

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