We lack blogger clients for android there are some clients but no clients provide complete functionallity of blogger website for free.

Blogger do have official app from google which slowly increasing updates but it's no match for office functionality and features of website.

Along time wait for a complete client of blogger was finally satisfied with external features that you won't even find in website, by dev. jideguru.

The app named blogger plus not yet popular just in beginning stage with 1000+ downloads and still getting updates to fix bugs for more user experience.

- Blogger Plus Features

* Beautiful App Design

* Compose a post that you can save to draft or immediately publish.

* Edit existing posts

* View list of your saved and published posts

* Switch account/blog if you have more than one

* Format and align text

* Add multiple pictures on posts and pages

* Create blog pages including viewing, updating and deleting

* View comments and moderate them (Approve, Mark as Spam, Delete and Empty)

* View blog stats

* Multilingual support

For more details : here

Email : bloggerplusapp@gmail.com

You can search in playstore and directly install the app from it and open the app to get all the functionality.

The main best feature of this blogger plus this app provide free HTML editor that you won't get in any other blogger client even with blogger pro you need to purchase premium to get it but here you'll get it for free not only that there is an amazing feature that your uploaded images will be automatically backup to your gdrive.

Finally, this is the best blogger client we ever seen just need some more enough time to let's devs pull the app to set the perfect ability score by fixing bugs and improving functionality. do mention in our comment section, have you liked the app or not, see ya :-) 

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