There are alot of file managers right there but one that can get your attention is FV filemanager with the features it has probably it will stand better than the remaining file manager out there.

FV filemanager was made by developer of es file manager who developed it till 2015 then he made foo view including fv filemanager while fooview is a multi-tasking app with tons of features which is a great app include basic fv filemanager inbuild but if you want only fv file manager and more of its features only dedicated to then installing fv filemanager Is the best choice.

FV file manager is something that you need to try if you got bored off basic file managers not all the features listed in description to know features you just have to try the app in playstore.

We will present some features that we like it has inbuild editor to edit your photos or videos or you can change resolution and save it in less size add your own watermark to images or videos you can switch on dark mode and check disk usage also you can add video subtitles etc.

FV file manger have tons of features that you will not find in any basic file managers with 100 + features and doesn't require floating permission like fooview.

FV file manager was made by developer fooview inc. released on 3 Nov 2019 with latest version updated on 30 sept. 2020 with 4.4 rating and 50k downloads in size of 15mb in playstore.

What's new !

1. Dark Mode

2. E-ink Theme for E-ink System

3. Update to Android 10 API, Compatible with Android 11, Use Latest AndroidX UI Library (2M size)

4. Keep Data under data/data instead of /sdcard/.fooView

5. Free Form App Window

6. Update Samba

7. Multiple Select for Ignore List

8. Customize Favorites Card

9. Dozens of Optimizations such as Browser Menu, File, etc.

For more details : here 

Finally, this is the best file manager we ever seen do you know any better file manager then this do mention in our comment section, see ya :-)

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