Google know better not only interms of search engine even with smartphone camera's the new google camera go app for android go mobiles released recently on nokia 1.3 mobile.

We know when there is something that hits the popularity bell XDA comes in, they even ported google camera go for all devices.

There are many camera developers individually working to get the google camera to more people and devices google camera go is part of it.

Google camera go made for low end devices with entry level specs, you won't get features like we have in google camera which require heavy ram and computing resources.

Google camera have night mode, hdr, potriat and many features with minimal user interface that gives all the information required.

The google camera go supports night sight mode, 10x zoom, face enhance, google translate and it got integrated with google lens.

The listed google camera go app ported by developers to get new features like 10x zoom and made it available for android 8.0 users, while official Google camera go only support android 10.

- Camera Go by Greatness with Night Mode

– Updated on 8th October 2020
– A modified Camera Go APK that has more features than the stock APK
– Night Mode enabled
– Works only on 64-bit architecture (mostly the new phones)
– Tested on Galaxy Note 10 Lite, Honor 9i–

Download : here

-- Updated on 17th April 2020

– Supports Android 8 or later.
– Does not have Night Mode
– There are 2 APK files available from dev Greatness. 

Version 1 : here

Version 2 : here

- Camera Go by Parrot043 (Older port without Night Mode)

– Updated on 17th April 2020
– Supports 8 or later
– Features 10x digital zoom

Download : here

- Camera Go by Wichaya with Night Mode

– Updated on 8th October 2020
– A modified Camera Go APK
– Night Mode enabled
– Tested on Galaxy Note 5, Honor 9i

Download : here 

- Camera Go by the_dise with Night Mode

– Updated on 11th October 2020
– A modified Camera Go APK
– Night Mode enabled

Download : here

- Stock Camera Go app

– The stock Camera Go app does not have HDR+ and portrait mode functionality like the above ports.
– Supported only on Android 10 or later.

Download : here

You may get some working and some not the fact is that the app may not optimized or ported to your device to work on they make it available to more devices timely.

Finally, google camera go is stripped down ver. of official google camera with additional features from developers that worth to try. do mention in our comment section have you got it working ? see ya :-)