iPhone X was the first device to introduce notch which most people don't like, and iPhone was  even launched animojis.

We know iphone x sparked a little using thier new face recognition dynamic 3d animojis replacing the traditional 2d emoji's with facial recognition and sensing technology.

Which will mimic your very own face using iPhone facial sensors can create expressive 3d animojis.

This animojis got very popular and everybody want to try them not only the iphone peeps even it made android fans go enthusiastic.

But, wait here XDA everything is possible, they even ported animojis to android with alot of hardwork.

After few years passed many 3d animojis apps can be seen in playstore which only available in iphone X in 2017.

- Animojis 3d emoji avatar & cartoon yourself

Make 3D emoji karaoke videos and get more like on Tik Tok, Instagram, Snapchat.

Animoji was made by developer emoji cam Inc, released on 11th June 2020 the latest app version is 1.0.9 with bug fixes updated on 16th august 2020 with 4.7 rating and 500k+ downloads in size of 43mb in playstore.

🐡 Monkey
🐼 Panda
🐷 Pig
🐢 Dog
🐱 Cat
🐰 Rabbit
🐯 Tiger
🦁 Lion

This are some of the popular emoji's there are tons of emoji's available for you in app.

Note : Animojis : 3d emoji's and cartoon avatar yourself is free to install but to use you have to pay 59.99$ for year.

- Key features 

- 3d animated avatar
- celebrity face emoji
- multiple 3d avatar at a time.

For more details : here 

Finally, this is a app which you have to pay but we will add free apps soon, do mention in our comment section how you feel about this app have you tried do you like it or not, see ya :-)

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