US calls are one of the money consuming service from India or any country, the network providers charge alot of money to connect to US residents, we have alternatives like WhatsApp but they also must have the apps installed unless it won't work.

There is a simple fix to make free unlimited US calls without any hassle offically from google service that we listed below.

We have many IVP websites and apps that gives free US calls for users who watch thier ads or install apps for limited time.

But, have you ever encountered any app or site that gives free unlimited US calls without any charges.

You need to have two apps hangouts and dailer  need to be installed in your mobile to get this services work.

- Dailer 

Both of the apps available in playstore just install them from playstore.

Note : hangouts only offers free service to US calls only for more you have to pay for it.

Finally, Hangouts was officially from google you don't need to watch any ads or install apps just install and enjoy the additional services. see ya :-)