Google provide live scoreboard of the popular sport franchises IPL is one of them not everyone can watch IPL due to some issues either network connectivity or subscription issues.

If you have very low network even you get 5 kbps speed you can watch the live scoreboard of IPL or any other sports.

You will get this type of scoreboard which will be drawing over you android overlay so that you can do multi tasking without any hassle.

- How to pin live scoreboard on android !

Go to google news or install the app if you don't have already from playstore.

• You can search the sport match for example : MI vs CSK in chrome you will get scoreboard there also you can pin the scoreboard.

• Now, from google news tap on the scoreboard that you will be shown by google.

• Tap on the scoreboard.

• Now, tap on pin live score button available right below and once you tap on it.

• you will get this popup appearing on you screen.

• you not only get this details in pinned score once you tap on the popup live scoreboard.

• you will get more information on the sport live statistics.

• if you don't want the scoreboard. you can tap on the scoreboard and press on remove option that can will be below or you can easily remove like you remove other apps from home screen.

Finally, how is the live pin scoreboard do mention in our comment section have you liked this or not, see ya :-)