Apple suprise every year with thier new series with new bionic chipset this time apple came with a14 chipset based on 5 nano meter which 50% increase battery and performance than any other smartphone out there.

There are rumours apple new 12 series will be launched without notch but the hope not succeed apple seems really liked the notch which many people don't.

But, this time apple reduced notch very much, apple reduce notch with thier every new iPhone series but this notch is small seems the days that we can see iphone without notch can be seen in future.

However, apple with notch or no charger still the apple fans buy it, yes the new apple 12 series will not come with charger, apple says many people already have apple chargers so they don't want to Include in package instead they included wall block for users.

This seems the apple thing, while in this price range flagship mobiles include 120 watts fast charger but apple be like : this is apple you won't get here.

Atleast, apple should give 120Hz display but this 1500$ smartphone won't be having any fast display that we can get in 400$ mobiles.

But still this is apple, the security and quality will be top notch and the optimisation that you get in apple can't be seen in any mobile out there.

The only two factors that could lead apple not included 120Hz display expert says either they want to include something for iPhone 13 or they may removed 120hz display due to 5G or else due to corono virus pandemic there manufacturing units got inconvenience etc.

- iPhone series key features

• 5G

• A14 chipset

• Lidar technology

• Dolby vision

• Splash, water & dust resistance.

• Aerospace grade, allumium edges 

• 64 gb, 128 gb, 256 gb

• iiiPhone 12 variants with 6.4 inches except iPhone 12 with 5.4 inches.

This time apple comes in four variants of iphone 12, iPhone 12 pro, iPhone pro max, iPhone 12 mini all of theme are based on A14 bionic chipset.

The apple iPhone 12 comes in many colors this time with five red, blue, white, green, dark etc.

The apple iphone 12 pro introduced with lidar technology fitted to thier camera section, lidar technology sensor will scan the objects near you like how much distance the object etc and give you the best image shot possible, this lidar technology used for NASA mars landing with dolby vision recording.

For more details : dolby vision

iPhone 12 series now comes with OLED display instead of thier own retina display, this OLED technology will improve color accuracy and brights, darker blacks etc.

This time in apple iphone 12 series there is all new variant iPhone 12 mini comes in 400 $ can be said a budget variant from apple with a14 bionic chipset.

iPhone 12 mini said to be the world's thinnest & smallest, lightest 5g phone with ceremic shield in size of 5.4 inches.this is really amazing tech from apple.

For more details : iPhone 12 & mini

Buy from apple : here

iPhone 12 not yet available in India as of now will be launched soon, currently iPhone 12 available i
to pre order in US & UK only.

For more details : iPhone 12 Pro & Max 

Finally, apple iPhone 12 series with a14 chipset & flat design and quality will be a bonanza for apple fans, do mention how you feel about apple 12 series.