, I tried many games available in android that was inspired by temple run but none of them really got essense to feel more joyable then jungle fly, jungle fly got less features than temple run but it feels amazing & enjoyable.

Instead of gorilla like in temple run, in jungle fly eagle or parrot will be hunted by ferocious dragon.

The google play app description is very small but if you really like games like temple run this game can be a great alternative and interesting.

- Game content's

• Game will appear in a variety of props (magnets, large coins, shields, sprint) to help you get more points.

2. A Lot of tasks and accomplishments.

3. Upgrade character attributes to achieve higher scores.

4. Participate in online interaction, challenge the world pl

In the game you have to play through obstacles that you will get on going path you have to slide down or up based on the obstacles infront.

The game graphics are the main good things that make this game playable and it is the central key point for the game itself.

The game concept was completely like temple run but in temple run you'll be running on round but here you fly in dense and hilly clouds forest.

Jungle fly offered by icloudzone Inc. released on 21 Jun 2013 with latest version 1.0.12 updated on 19 July 2019 with 4.2 rating and 1m+ downloads in size of 18 mb available in playstore.

In simple, jungle fly is a visual feast & give feeling of another world just you will get that in initial play time.

For more details : here

Finally, this is a must try game similar to temple run that definitely amaze you with graphics and concept you will be enjoyed through out play time. do mention in our comment section have you liked this app or not, see ya :-)

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