Vivo popularly known for thier camera oriented mobiles and blazing offline retail mobile sales using android based customised os called fun touch os till now,

Funtouch os somehow managed to satisfy vivo mobile users but it lacks behind alot of other customized os's like oxygen os or miui.

This may be the reason or they even got bored of funtouch os like vivo users, vivo previous teased the new os but not announced but today vivo officialy announced funtouch os replacement named orgin os.

Vivo named thier new os called orgin os why did they named orgin os not yet known.

However, vivo released orgin os snap shots that are in chinese we may see global version of orgin os later.

Vivo's new orgin os expected to be release more information regarding orgin os in upcoming dev- loper conference in shenzen in november 19.

Vivo might released thier new revamped os with vivo x60 which rumoured to launch on Nov - Dec 2020.

Moreover, there are many os made out of android only some of them are succeed like oxygen os by one plus and miui by xiaomi all other are just got connected to some, making a customized os that entertaines everyone is tough but let's see how vivo orgin os compete with other all rounders.

Finally, we are waiting for origin os do you ? are you a user of vivo have you found funtouch os better than miui or stock ? why do you think vivo replacing funtouch os ! mention down below in our comment section, see ya :-)