It is spectacular to see new os other than android in mobiles that will light up new features and user experience.

Sailfish os made by Jolla is independent mobile os similar to android but have support to apps in software and hardware level with own features & It was completely gesture based.

In one word, sailfish os is beautiful and it is better to try new operating system instead getting bored off android.

Sailfish os was made by Jolla a Finnish company which have strong heritage in nokia & mee go os is a linux based operating system based on open source projects such as mer & including closed source UI.

Sailfish os got tremendous response from third party developers like XDA and many developers ported sailfish os to thier devices.

- Sailfish os available in this mobiles !

• Jolla mobile phone ( November 2013 )

• Jolla tablet ( November 2014 )

• Jolla c mobile phone  ( May 2016 )

• Acqua fish by Intex ( July 2016 )

• Turing phone ( 2016 )

• R7 by inoi ( 2017 )

• Accione, Accione P ( 2017 )

• Sony Xperia X ( 2017 )

• Gemini ( 2018 )

In specifically sony mobiles, you can buy license from with its matured sailfish os 3 provides more features and compatibility.

- Sailfish os features !

• Adaptive

• Flexible

• Secure 

Due to its effective factors, sailfish os is a great choice to use in government sectors for apps related to government services they collied with russian government to use for next 10 years replacing android & ios.

- Sailfish os social media.


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Finally, sailfish os by Jolla have the potential to become alternative os to most os available today it just need more promotion work and official compatibility to more devices. do mention in our comment section have you ever tried this os ?, see ya :-)

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