Wallpapers are one of the essential factor that makes your mobile more exclusive and personal to you there you can apply many wallpapers and set your own personalised choice.

In the era of 4k wallpapers & hd wallpapers there we have many choices available to choose from like 3d, minimal, abstract, and many more.

But, have you ever tried wallpapers that captured in real life and made available through this sleeky app called shishu wallpapers.

Shishu wallpapers was developed for bootleggers ROM on Oreo 8.0 for Moto e 2015 by and made publicly available by hernan figueroa ( eldianosor ) who was the main developer of the ROM.

The app specifically made for bootleggers ROM but you can side load the APK through here.

To side load shishu wallpapers apk you can go through the link and download the APK and just make sure unknown sources enabled in settings and you can install the APK.

Once you get the apk sideloaded the APK you can open the app and you may wonder the wallpapers are captured by the main developer eldianosor who carefully crafted the wallpapers for users.

The app currently not updated there is no new designers available yet, may we can see some amazing designers soon from readers.

The real speciality of the this shishu wallpapers it's simple with no over loaded unnecessary features which make this app unique from other apps.

This creative adaptations from twitter to set the favourite wallpapers you can just tap on () icon and even you have the dark mode that will make more interesting.

You even may wonder the categories are made for users who want to get Shishufied this filters will make sure to grab your favourite ones.

Once you get your favourite ones just get them in your favourite vault without any hassle.

You can get more details here.

Telegram channel : here

Finally, just try out the shishu walls from the link and side load you may get it working we tested it on android 10 probably you get it to, if facing any issues do mention your device model we try to solve the issue. see ya :-)