In general, if you want to access a certain feature or layout of app you need to go to app and search for it or you want to find a setting you need to go to settings and search or find the option.

Now, shortcut maker will save alot of time, this app make shortcuts of anything on your home screen.

You not only able to make shortcuts of your apps you can also create shortcut of websites.

Shortcut maker offered by Android_RK with 4.4 rating available in playstore.

- Shortcut maker key features ✨

• Create shorcut of anything on android home screen.

Apps and Activities: Create shortcut of installed apps and activities.

Folder and Files : Create shortcut of folder and files from internal storage.

Intents : Create shortcut of android system intents along with the default apps.

Contacts : Create shortcut of your contacts.

Quick Settings : Create shortcut to quickly change your system settings.

• Shortcut Preview: after selecting the activity app will show you a preview of shortcut before creating. Here you can also rename the shortcut name. You can also add shortcut to favourite.

• History: here you can check the list of shortcuts created by you.

Website : Shortcut for your favourite website.

User Requested : Features that are requested by users.

#Custom : Just a bonus and fresh feature to get shortcuts from installed apps and edit in this app before creating.

Shortcut maker available in light, dark, system default, set by battery saver.

In shortcut maker you can set your favourite short cut it will be saved in favorites folder.

- App Info ✨

- What's new ✨

• Bug fixes.

+ Tutorial added to remove the watermark icon.

++ If you face any issue in this update, please contact me on email

For more details : here

Special Thanks to MaterialSearchView (Thanks MiguelCatalan! :)) for providing a free searchview with a clean UI with simple implementation. Here's the link the library I used for this:

GitHub : here

Finally, Shortcut maker was simple & clean made with material design which is attractive, do try it and do mention have you found this app useful, see ya :-)

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