If you want to record video in android then there are alot of camera apps available from stock cam to google camera all of them have capability to produce high quality video but with bigger file size.

Video size depend on various things like quality,  resolution, frame rate, bitrate, mega pixel, hd or non hd, audio format that you use in video which have sample rate etc.

The most importantly video format encoding plays major role in matter of video size which need to be considered.

Instead of traditional video compression where you need to install some compression software and drag your recorded video and compress video quality to reduce size.

To fix this, kodek developed two video encoding formats HEVC/H.265 & AVC/H.264 where you will get 50% less size and higher video quality than any other video formats.

This hevc or avc formats are not available for all phones you need to have the app that have ability to record in this formats.

Most of the camera apps have .MP4 video format but we found an app which will produce hevc & avc video formats.

Ultracorder available in playstore with 4.4 rating.

Ultracorder support only two video formats hevc & avc upto 4k ultra HD with full sensor resolution.

Ultracoder is very clean and simple, the UI of the app is very minimal gives good usage experience.

Ultracorder key features ✨

• Hevc / H.265 & Avc / H.264 support.

• Upto 4k ultra hd 

• Sample rate

• Bitrate 

• Up 7.0 android versions supported.

• Time lapse

You can zoom with two fingers to set you desired view angle very easily.

App Info ✨

What's new ✨

Added frame rate control to encoder settings. 

Available options and efficacy depend on device support.

Bug fix.

Note : HEVC support depends on hardware encoding being available and exposed by the system.

● The video player on your device might not be able to playback ultra high resolution or HEVC recordings. You may use other players such as MX Player or VLC.

● For any assistance with UltraCorder, contact NEast Studios.

Support : apps.neaststudios@gmail.com.

Finally, ultracorder provide hevc & avc ultra efficient video encoding formats for small video sizes, have you found this app useful do mention in our comment section below, see ya :-)

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