The well known popular game pub-g banned by Indian government due to privacy and security concerns as the pub-g servers are located in China.

However, it raised many disappointments in public, gamers and youtubers and people who choosen eSports as career.

This is when new name appeared in Instagram by akshay kumar which kinda ressemble the name of pub-g but it was made by Indian game developing company ncore limited named FAU-G.

FAU-G become most awaited Indian game seems to be the alternative to pub-g and it's inspired by the program aatma nirbhar bharat.

The game is still in initial stages there is no battle royale mode available yet the battle royale mode will be available in upcoming updates.

There are huge expectations on FAU-G will FAU-G meet the expectations of public, gamers, and you- tobers and people who choosed eSports as thier career is in question !

Still the game is giving alot of excitement due to Aatma nirbhar program which revolutionising the digital platform of India and driving the nation & indian developers to be self reliant.

Pre - register - here

Fau-G is still in intial stages due to that the game seems to be only compatible with latest android os 10.0 the older version users are unable to do registration as the game is incompatible.

Note : it was not launched yet, if you want to download the game as soon as it was released then register and tick to download the game once it was launched.

Finally, Fau-G delayed the launch it was expected to release in october later november first week now the game may available to download the next month, still we are excited to Install the game ain't you ? do mention your thoughts in our comment section below, see ya :-)