We need to compress images for various reasons and most of the images are in .jpg or.png formats and other advanced formats like .webp are less in size there is no need to reduce size of it.

In .JPG which used for regular photos while .PNG which used for logo's based on your requirement the type of image format will be used, while .webp is advanced image format used for websites.

Based on your resolution or quality this images size will change, but you can reduce size of them by reducing size of image with drawback you'll get less image quality.

However, in this advanced tech era many ways you can reduce the size of images without losing quality.

- Compress Images Online !

To reduce size of images these are some cool websites that will work faultlessly.

▶ TinyPNG.com 

Tiny png have limit of 5mb each it is very easy to use website, you just need to drag and drop files and it will compress the size low as possible with no major quality loss.

Tinypng compressed more than 1 billion images and it's still counting with web interface pro you get 5 mb file limit removed and add upto 20 files on one go.

Tinypng also have plugins for wordpress plugins and magento extensions to compress images automatically.

One of the interesting feature you can find in tiny png was you can compress animated png's to.

Overall, ting png is fast tracked drag & drag image compression website specifically .jpg, .png and animated png and the website is easy to use with it's simple user interface which looks clean and attractive.

▶ Highcompress.com

One of the most reputed website with global partners like sony, samsung, microsoft, t-mobile, yahoo, amazon, wallmart, etc this website do provide excellent compression with three modes based on your requirement.


This Mode is lossy compression and can make to compress your image up to 70%.Use this option if your image is in high quality with a size between 1-2 Mb(recommended).


This Mode is lossless compression so if the quality is your priority use this mode. Use this option if your image is in low quality with the size below 1mb.(recommended)


This Mode is lossy compression and can reduce & compress your image up to 95%. Pro tip: Use this option if your image is in high quality with a size between 2-10 Mb.

You can opt for starter, pro, agency based on your company or individual requirement.

you can integrate high compress with popular CMS - content management systems like word - press, java, javascript, node, php, python etc.

▶ Compressjpeg.com

In compressjpeg.com you can not only compress jpg, png, but also pdf, svg, gif image formats.

• Select up to 20 .jpg or .jpeg images from you device. Or drag files to the drop area. Wait for the compression to finish.

• Download compressed images either separately or get them all, grouped in a ZIP archive.

Note : All data submitted/uploaded is deleted after 1 hour.

▶ Compressor.io

In compressor.io you can find three compression types lossy, lossless, custom based on your pick the image size will be reduced.

If you are not satisfied with free service provided by compressor.io then you have the pro option available with premium features.

Compressor.io provide pro features at higher price compared to other websites,

For more details : here


Image compressor states there image compress technology is better compared to other websites they use latest techniques and encoding to get the image reduced with minimal loss in quality.

At last, these are top online websites that will do the compression job effectively without decrease in original quality but big impact in reduction of size.

▶Image compressor apps !

In app based image compression they use same encoding and techniques used to reduce the size of image without much loss of quality.

However, if you want to reduce images in apps there we found three featured apps having all neccesary features with clean UI & UX.

• QReduce Lite 

QReducePhoto Reducer Lite: Reduce photo size in mb (megabyte) or kb (kilobyte)

The main function of this app is to compress photos to a particular file size accurately.

This app will reduce/compress image size in mb to kb.

The picture will be saved as JPG/JPEG. (Transparency won't be maintained)

id=com.mobso.photoreducer <- to perform the same task in multiple photos simultaneously.

• Compresses to the nearest possible size less than the entered value.

• All compressed photos are automatically saved to the gallery. (See the folder named: QReduce Lite)

For more details : here 

▶ Compress Photo Puma ✨

Compress photo, images, pictures to File Size (KB, MB), Quality or Resolution.

Compress photo puma key features ✨

Send a lot photos in one email (even 100),

• Send photos via text,

• Share photos to to social media channels (Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Whatsapp,​ WeChat, Viber, Line, Telegram, VKontakte, KakaoTalk, etc.),

• Attach photos to forms with size restrictions,

• Reclaim the space occupied by photos by using "Replace" feature,

• Save space on your phone, tablet, in the cloud

• Free up mailbox, phone, disk, cloud,

• Compress images from the cloud,

• Save compressed photos in the cloud,

• Send photos from places where internet is weak,

• Deal with large photos,

• Easily compare a compressed photo with the original,

• Compress image for visa, online application, job application, passport, etc.

App Info ✨

For more details : here

▶ Photo Compress & Resize ✨

Photo Compress is a Compress & Resize app to help you resize photos.

▶ Photo Compress & Resize Key features ✨

• Batch compress (multiple photos compress) 

Original pictures are not affected, compress pictures are automatically saved in the 'LitPhoto' directory

• Very good quality of the compressed photos and optional compress quality

• Rotate the photo by 90° either clockwise and then crop the photo

• Use finger to zoom/move, rotate the crop area on the photo

• Share photos with your friends via social networks:

• Sent via email or text message

• Shared to social media (Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, Google+, KakaoTalk, etc.)

• Browsing and handle your photos easily, easy to use with simple UI

For more details : here 

Moreover, this are some legit and easy ways to reduce Images online or through apps in android !

Finally, this are some well picked .jpg or .png images online or through apps in android, do mention in our comment section which way particularly you found useful, see ya :-)