In some cases the video you recorded the file can't be played mostly the file is corrupted due to some reasons like you won't have enough storage or the recording camera app force closed or the android device suddenly shuts down etc.

But, you can still see the length of video and size in this way you can see the data is still present in file but can't be played due to the fact the video got corrupted for some specific technical glitch

However, once you confirmed the video data is still present you can easily repair the video but .MP4 format files only in android there are many other apps & software available to repair other video formats for .MP4 this will help.

MP4 Fix Video repair tool ✨

MP4 Fix video repair tool works with phone camera recordings mp4 files broken by camera crash, dead battery and lack of memory.

This file fixer doesn’t work with videos that was downloaded from the Internet or broken hardware (if your SD card is corrupt, replace it before running MP4Fix).

MP4 fix video repair tool with 4.0 rating available in playstore.

App Info ✨

✓ What's new ✨

Improved support for large files on devices with little memory.

MP4 Fix Video Repair Tool Key Features ✨

Note : To save the video or to share you have pay through in app purchase which price around 7 $ which looks gimmick that you won't see ads in free version so the price can be accepted.

However, we faced the .MP4 corrupted issue and we have tried this app which worked like charm the app repaired complete video in my case but it will change from user to user based upon the video, size, length and external factors.

Finally, the .MP4 video file repair tool just works like charm for me do try you luck and mention your experience in our comment section below, see ya :-)

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