1DM (
formerly IDM ) by Indian developer is the most powerful download manager available for android on playstore right now. 

A few years back when 1DM not available Android users have no choice other than to depend on pc's softwares like internet download manager which consists of all the required features and for those who doesn't have a laptop or PC have to use android which is trouble maker because android have to depend on browsers to download files. 

This browsers were not able to download files they were many people who suffered alot of stress due to failure of downloads at certain percentage mainly at 99% with - out getting any error code from browsers which causes a lot of data loss and time. 

But, 1DM changed perception of everyone with its complete package of features like we have in PC in mobile to download any file formats with exceptional speed. 

However, you have to remember download speed based on numerous factors but the main factors are downlink speed and size and how the browser divided the single file into multiple parts to hike speed of file and the most important is good internet speed which is essential.

1DM can download wide range of formats including .m3u8 or ts format which usually need additional download manager apps due to its encryption but here in 1DM you can easily download them in app itself. 

1DM doesn't filled up with ads like some download managers 1DM just shows one banner ad with no full-screen or video ad which is impressive. 

1DM do have pro version which removes ads and support 32 parts which will hike download speed alot compared to free version of 1DM also supports upto  10 simultaneous downloads! 

We said earlier 1DM known as IDM with the interest of developer Vicky Bonick to change name of the app he conducted a poll on Nov 25 in IDM telegram channel to finalize the new name by users with some names out of the options 1DM got 37 % of users votes so it was finalized. But yet the logo is not finalized there is contest going on in the channel for logo makers to make best logo for 1DM with winner prizes if you want to join friendly contest head over to 1DM Telegram channel. 

On Jan 3, IDM rebranded as 1DM with a lot of new features and changes ! 

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• How to download 1DM •

It is very easy to download 1DM on these platforms for free! 

1DM official support

•1DM Key features with UI & UX Overview•

- Yes, You can download any files at any size at remarkable speed just make sure the host support fast downloading. 

- Hide download files, You may want to hide downloads files for whatever reason you can do with 1DM.

Supports upto 16 parts to speed up any download files ( video, music & all other files )

- Smart notification options.

☆ You can Pause and Resume downloads.

- Download Torrent files using magnet link, torrent url or a torrent file on your device.

- Download streaming Music, Video, Movie from your favorite websites using IDM Browser.

- Auto download Music, Video, Image from Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok and other social media.

- No background services which increases battery life.

- Download m3u video

- Download m3u8 video

- Download MP-DASH video

- Auto convert ts videos to mp4 video after download is finished.

- Smart download option to download files when you copy download links to clipboard..

- IDM download manager has a very low RAM usage compared to other download managers.

- Custom themes, customize yourself or download from 500+ themes submitted by IDM members for free.

- Download HD videos with one click.

- Large file download supported

- Download video, music and pictures from your favorite websites

- Download several files at the same time

- Download videos over Wi-Fi, 2G, 3G and 4G cellular networks.

- Support downloading by video extension links

- Download videos in the background

- Download videos in hidden folder

° A grade Error handling ✨

IDM download manager has the best way to Refresh expired links using the IDM Browser (very useful for video download). You can also directly update the download link and resume

- IDM download manager comes with a very smart error handler. Your downloads (video, music, torrent etc) will not be corrupted even with bad Internet connection

° Your Privacy matters so browse internet freely.

- Blocks third party trackers

- Incognito browsing mode for private browsing

- With couple of clicks you can delete your browsing history, cache, cookies etc

• IDM Browser features •

- Browse internet free of ads.

- Best Popup blocker (inside IDM Browser)

- Browse videos with the built-in browser.

- Multiple tabs, history, bookmarks and other goodies.

• Batch downloader & Grabber •

- Website Grabber to download all static files (Video, Music etc) in a webpage.

- Batch downloader to download files (Music, Video etc) with pattern.

• Download manager additional features •

- Multi language and Multi theme

- Direct Download music, video, movies and other files to SD card.

- Hide downloaded video, music etc from everyone.

- IDM download manager uses file cataloging based on file type (music, video, document, zip, picture, torrent etc)

- Import download links from a text file or clipboard.

- IDM download manager supports all formats: archive files, MUSIC, VIDEO, documents, programs etc.

• Advantage of Plus version •

- Ad free

- Scheduler to schedule your video & other downloads

- Supports upto 32 parts to accelerate video downloads

- Upto 10 simultaneous downloads (video, music etc)

• How to Use free IDM Video Downloader • 

- Browse website with the video using the built-in browser.

- Browser will auto detect videos, and tap the download icon.

- Choose which video you want to download and download the video.

Finally, there are several download managers available but most of them doesn't not include torrent and magnet links downloading in addition .m3u8 and .TS with live resource sniffing and providing live preview for video formats with size including in single app made only possible by 1DM with perfection, have you installed 1DM are you using 1DM do mention your views about 1DM in our comment section below.