Home launchers are one of most important thing in android unlike iOS, android give you complete freedom in customisation of look and feel of OS without root you can even install iOS launchers made for android in playstore.

we have lakhs of home launchers available for android in playstore, the best the launcher give output in user interface & user experience the higher you will like to use it either the responsive home drawer or app icons and sliding windows and app opening time and thier animations and many more to become perfect home launcher for you daily usage.

Everyone have thier own sense of liking but we find one launcher made by google for thier pixel phones for android which got ported to all other phones by XDA Dev's &  developers with some customisatioms and some with no modifications with different names.

However, due to the popularity of pixel launcher & it's simple and excellent user experience it's does got many clients in name of lawnchair, rootless pixel launcher and cpl ( customized version ) and many more but none of them really reached the heights of UI & UX of pixel launcher you'll notice the lack of something somewhere in this clients that you won't experience in pixel launcher and it's up to you as we said choose as per you liking either the clients available for you or our pixel launcher itself.

Pixel launcher only made for pixel phones not all phones support it this is why you see many dev's made clients for pixel launcher either you need to do this things to make pixel launcher work in your phones either rooting your device or after rooting installing pixel experience or plus ROM made for your specific device or follow guides to install the app by searching in XDA forums.

But, first you need to know either pixel launcher working in your device or not so first install the .apk version from third party apk downloader websites like apk mirror.com or uptodown.com

✓ App Info ✨

Apkmirror - here ( pixel launcher )

Uptodown - here ( rootless, try this )

Once your find out it's working without any extra effort then it's fine else you need to find another way to install the app from XDAdevelopers.com or you can install clients which doesn't require anything to do just install from playstore like you install the normal apps.

Note : the pixel launcher doesn't require root or any other methods just install from playstore and thier are mostly similar but for those who want pure pixel launcher they may find out ways in XDA developers.

Finally, we liked the pure pixel launcher than the clients but they are good we found rootless pixel launcher was the most similar app without any big modifications or customisations which is available in playstore, do mention which launcher you use and your thoughts about pixel launcher, see ya :-)