YouTube lack alot of features for free users they provide important features for premium users, the most important feature that YouTube lacks was popup video player which was released in times of android OS oreo 8.0, later on youtube added popup feature in youtube app for sometime then again removed for whatever reason it's still not back.

YouTube popup player will give ability to multitask while watching YouTube videos you can pop up mini screen which will float on you screen and  you can drag any where on your screen making things easier but this feature require display on other apps in app permissions for android which you need to enable with caution for any apps for privacy concerns.

However, there are alot of apps available to make YouTube get popup feature that missing in official app but play lite was the only app which provides this feature in just 197 kB in size, which is likely interesting.

Play lite provides both floating and full screen functionality without any device permissions in just 0.2 mb size with no ads.

The apps uses very simple mechanism it will go to offical then after that it will use the floating player feature that play online videos specifically from youtube only.

Play lite with 4.4 rating available in playstore

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Get the lightest video player for YouTube today!

NOTE: The minimized floating window mode playback is time limited to 3 mins but you can easily unlock it for unlimited play with a one-time upgrade for 99rs in app purchase.

Finally, we don't recommend you to buy pro version, we have many free alternatives available better then this buy if you only insist to watch 3 minutes only then play it can be your choice for only certain period of time eventually you get bored off it due to the lack of features and same UI& UX, play it is not something that will make you feel awesome in first glimpse, but it does provide functionality that can be useful in daily usage, do mention your thoughts about play it in our comment section below, see ya :-)

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