We can unlock limitations of android by rooting which enables you to access top level system files which you can edit or modify according to your requirements.

Once you root your android device then you can tweak alot of things like increasing your phone performance, gaming experience and expands battery life etc. 

But, this tweaks can't be done easily you need to have alot of knowledge about android to modify system files to get your desired result if you done anything wrong then it may lead to serious issues like your device may even hardbrick and endup in bootloop as well.

Note : Rooting your device voids warranty. instead of doing manually do use tweaking apps made by pro developers available to public through dev's portals like XDA.com or 4pda.ru.

A developer named Danijel Markov ( DAN ) with XDA profile name paget96 from serbia developed an app named L Speed which have collection of tweaks to increase phone performance, reduce significant lags also extends battery life with a  lot more tweaks to get best most of your device.

L Speed is the only app to provide all the tweaks included into single app with clean user interface for simple user experience.

L Speed previously available in playstore but later removed by playstore the reason is still unknown probably due to playstore policy violation due to that currently you can only get L Speed from XDA or paget 96 projects telegram channel etc.

L Speed is also available as module if you are not willing to install app then you can search for L Speed module in magisk manager to download and Install it, once you done then reboot your phone you'll now ready to enable alot of tweaks from L Speed manager installed in your phone.

One of the interesting feature of L Speed must be highlighted L Speed have a UI optimisation tweak which can increase YouTube video resolution up to 4k which doesn't require high end device and works with low end device to but if you are facing issue then reduce resolution to solve this.

However, it is mandatory to root your device else none of the tweaks work make sure you rooted your device and granted root access to L Speed for flawless experience.

° L Speed download sources

XDA - here

GitHub - here 

° L Speed key features ✨

* You can set three profile modes *

- Battery
- Balanced
- Performance

• A dashboard for device info and CPU info.

• Battery statistics with battery usage and wipe battery stats and optimise battery.

• You can set system battery🔋trigger level.

• Doze optimisation and aggressive doze.

* CPU info * 

- Governer tuner
- CPU optimizer.

* GPU Info * 

- GPU optimzer.
- Render openGLES using GPU.
- Use OpenGL skis
- Optimize buffers.

* LINE optimizer *

- NET Buffers
- DNS optimization.
- RIL Tweaks
- NET TCP tweaks
- NET Speed +

* Wi-Fi Tweaks * 

- WiFi scanning
- WiFi supplicant scan interval [ __ ]
- wifi_idle_ms [ __ ]
- WiFi max DCP retry count [ __ ]
- WiFi mobile data transition wakelock timeout 
[ __ ] 
- WiFi networks available delay retry [ null ]
- WiFI num open network kept [ null ]
- WiFi watchdog

* I/O Tweaks

- Schedule timer
- I/O blocks optimization
- I/O extended queue
- Disable I/O stats.

* RAM Manager * 

- Memory information
- RAM Status

* RAM Manager Options * 

- RAM Manager
- Low RAM Flag
- Disable multitasking limitations.
- OOM Killer

- Advanced Options - 

* Memory Management Tweaks * 

- Virtual memory tweaks
- Swapiness Tendency
- Heap optimization

* Entropy * 

- Entropy
- Current Entropy

* MISC Tweaks * 

- Quick Tools - Boost Now, Kill media server.

- Boost Options - Boost Scheduler

- Kernel modification - Disable debugging, Kernel panic.

* UI Optimizations 

- Allow higher YouTube video resolution upto 4k.
- Monochrome
- Windows ani- mation scale [ __ ]
- Transition animation scale [ __ ] 
- Animation duration scale [ __ ]


- Clean app cache
- Clean junk files
- Wipe cache partition
- Wipe dalvik cache 


- F STRIM options
- F STRIM scheduler

* View Log * 

- SAVE Logcat to SD Card
- SAVE KMSG to SD Card

* Settings * 

* FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions * 

* BUG Report * 


- L Speed - v2.5.1-beta6
- Package Name - com.paget96.lsandroid

* L Speed Creators * 

• Danijel Markov - Developer, Founder, Maintainer.

• Aldanopolis - Dedicated Developer 

• F4 - Random Developer, Retired Designer, That's all folks 

SepentrioGR Aka Petros Kitsaras - Part time Dedicated Developer.

XfireFly93 Aka Christoffer Wassberg - maintainer.

* GovTuner Developers * 

Debuffer Aka Christopher Mirza - Founder, Lead Developer.

Senthil360 Aka Senthil Manikandan - Lead Developer.

L Speed is still in continuous developments and improvements by this XDA contributors to ensure best outcome of this tweaks to users.

Finally, From tweaking old LG optimus 7 ( LG P705 )  to today L Speed for all android devices the overall intention of paget96 is to improve overall experience of android with tweaks made for performance, gaming and battery and many more is just marvellous, do mention why you like L Speed in our comment section below, see ya :-)