The era has gone when phones were just for calling or texting in today's time phones made us to completely depend on it with latest technology from calling to booking airline tickets everything can be done through phones utilising digital technology.

Eventhough, the technology in many aspects  helped billions of people and it is required for human evolution to achieve futuristic things in life and unlock many hidden secrets that are unknown to humans in world and universe.

But, There is two sides of coin phones are helping billions of people and also doing unknown harm to billions of people like it is based on how the individual life and his daily life cycle.

Example 1 : For a person who always stay outside lift weights for work and interact with people and learn life suddenly due to bad phase in life there is no work outside and can't go out for various reasons and feel loneliness then phones will help him to do various things from home itself and with its digital technology's it will get him out of any sad mood to stable mood.

In example 2 will understand how phones will do bad to person's daily life and mood.

Example 2 : for a person who always stay inside due to work or job requirements or today's covid situation made people stay inside home for long term which a person completely depend on phone and don't have social interactions with people, family, friends etc. will depend on phones for various emotions like happy, sad, fear, anxiety, tension, relaxation etc Including that this will put bad effect on physical fitness which causes many health issues where the real life emotions and physical fitness lacks which require for humans for overall well-being they should only get this emotions or increasing physical fitness by doing workouts, yoga or playing games or doing hard work from real world when person completely depend on phones to experience this things for long time will lead the person's life to various bad paths and consequences.

The technology not only evolved things and made things simpler which is definitely required for today's modern world but also decreased social interactions with people, family, friends etc which increased loneliness and various kinds of social disorders which shouldn't be neglected.

In sense humans should need to depend on technology due to today's digital world but also have proper knowledge does thier digital life doing any negative effect on them or not using phones for limited time is good but if your job itself is dependend on phones or digital technology then you have make sure are you giving enough time to real world emotions, experiences, social interactions, physical works or not which is very important for life.

In search of such software or utility that decrease the daily screen on time of phonoholics we found less phone - the original distraction free launcher app to be right choice.

We use phone all the time everywhere isn't it an addiction then install lessphone that doesn't let you do anything except phone calls, directions & a task manager built in to do Important things.

Less phone - the original distraction launcher with 4.2 rating available on playstore.

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• That's the tagline for LessPhone, A Restraining Order from Your Phone.

Phone calls

• Directions

Task manager

No access to social media

Note : Less phone is just a software that will try to stop your addiction but it is your self interest and your confidence can only get you out of any type of addiction of life, do remember this.

Finally, it is interesting to see this type of apps that will help people mainly phonoholics to get out of addiction as fast as they can, do mention your thoughts about this app in our comment section below, see ya :-)