Pixelexperience is a custom ROM based on AOSP - Android open source project by XDA recognized developer José Henrique Silva ( jhenrique09 ) from Maceió - AL in Brazil. 

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Google's pixel phones comes with stock AOSP ROM but with added features made exclusively for pixel devices by google developers. 

This added features are not included in AOSP source released by google but we know AOSP is open source so developers can add features that are available on pixel phones in custom roms externally. 

In this scenario Jose Henrique a web and android developer made pixelexperience custom ROM based on AOSP with google apps included and all pixel goodies. 

Most of the custom ROMs available today made using AOSP with added features and customization by developers this custom ROMs are made for various purposes like gaming, performance, stablity and battery. 

Pixelexperience custom ROM is made in focus of maximum possible stability and security with google apps included and all pixel goodies for clean user experience. 

The aim is to give pixelexperience to non - pixel smartphones and you will indeed get pixel phone experience with these custom ROM this is the reason developer named this ROM as pixel experience. 

The first pixel experience rom based android 8.0 for motorola later extended latest android versions and devices with support from device maintainers. 

There are few key developers involved in making of pixelexperience custom ROM that you must know ! 

Founder - Jose Henrique Silva

° Core Developers ° 

• Akash Srivastava 

• Akshay Kakatkar 

• Baalaji Balasubramani 

• Chevang Zong

• Henrique Periera

• Joey yu

• Jorge Lucas

• Rahul Krishna

• Rohan Hasabe ( Hasaber8 ) 

• Vipin Mishra

There are many device maintainers out there who made this ROM available for their devices due to them the project is very successfull. 

° Pixelexperience Key features °

- Display - 

• Pocket detection

• Double tap to sleep

- Buttons -

• Stable ROM 

• Great performance. 

• Software Updates

• Debloated 

• Dark mode

• Regular Security Patches

• Live Wallpapers

• Invert Navbar Keys

• Volume wake

• Volume music control

• Torch on 

• Power menu

- Status Bar - 

4G / LTE Toogle

VoLTE icon

• Toogle Quick Pull down

• Traffic Indicator

- Sounds - 

• Vibrate on connect call

• Ringtone chooser

• FP vibration

• Screenshot sound

This are some of key features including this you will get pixel goodies like pixel wallpapers,  launcher, icon, fonts, boot animation and many more. 

There is another edition of this custom ROM named pixelexperience plus which will have additional features that normal version doesn't have in it. 

° Pixelexperience plus key features °

Screen Recorder

• Custom Screenshots

• Caffiene

• Hide Notch

• Default camera

• Resigned System Update page

° Google Camera °

These days most modern custom roms comes with camera 2 api enabled same goes for pixel experience as it was based on pixel phone it comes with google cam inside with more compatibility. 

° PixelExperience ROM Review ° 

• Performance 

- the better the ROM optimized the better the device will be as performance concern pixel experience ROM is well optimized by well known recognized developers to give best possible performance with stable and proper functionality. 


- If you are gamer you probably know that gaming fps mainly depend on your phone ram and processor including that phone software optimization plays a role in terms of optimization pixelexperience made for exceptional optimization so you will get decent gaming experience even in low end devices. 

- Battery 

- As per battery life concerned the battery life depends on various things and activity in particular to pixelexperience battery life the ROM try it's best to give both battery and  performance if you have a modern device you get a single day at moderate usage. 

• User Interface

We know now not only Xiaomi, Samsung, sony have it's own custom UI even google does from nexus to pixel devices this pixel phone software have huge interest in tech field, eventhough its you personal interest which software you like either heavy skin or lighter skin with minimal features like pixel experience, it's up to you :) 

User Experience

Personally, if you like the user interface then you will get good user experience as overall smooth experience of this ROM is fabulous in every sense ! 

How to install pixel experience ROM ? 

First, check either your device supported or not in website and if supported then go to your device XDA page of this ROM and follow the instructions given by developer for safe procedure.

Note : you must need to unlock bootloader and root your device which voids warranty and a recovery to install roms 

° Pixelexperience official support °

• In channel you will get notified of latest software updates available for you device so that you can install them. 

- Telegram channel - here

- In group you can report bugs and chat regarding pixelexperience project. 

- Telegram group - here

- For Blog - here

Finally, The keen interest of jhenrique09 in developing pixel rom for non-pixel devices is amazing and pixelexperience custom ROM is perfect on go choice for pure stock vanilla ROM experience, if you are on pixel experience ROM then do say your user experience of this ROM in our comment section below, see ya :-)