We are now in modern wireless technology era this days world is using wireless tech products like never before due to corona virus people have to do most of thier daily works like meetings, online classes, music listening, watching movies etc... 

Most of the daily works require good audio earbuds if the earbuds are wireless then it will more easy, simple and convenient. 

We have two types of earbuds wired and wireless while wired earbuds comes with 3.5 mm jack which you need to connect your device with phone always else it will not work but in bluetooth earphones you can listen audio by pairing earbuds with phone like you do for transffering files  from one device to another device with Bluetooth the same process work for pairing earbuds and phone after that you can listen audio anywhere in limited bluetooth connectivity range. 

Bluetooth earbuds includes a small battery which you need to charge with adapter whenever the charge goes down. 

In bluetooth earbuds you can get up to 6 hrs of battery backup for single charge based on your bluetooth earphones battery capacity and company. 

Most of the bluetooth earbuds comes  with mic feature with different types of styles like neckband and normal earbuds you have choose based upon your interest.

Now, we are presenting you neckband style bluetooth earbuds with bluetooth 5.0 that makes it faster and with inclusion of mic support by PTron company.

The current online market price of PTron Tangent Lite in amazon India price is 599 RS which makes it interesting and a value added product as you won't get branded wireless earbuds at this price. 

° PTron Tangent Lite - Key features ✨

Colors - Black, Red, Green, Yellow

• Mic

• Robust Bass, Clear Vocal 

• Ultra-low distortion rate 

• Super-low frequency sound reproduction.

• Wireless Headphones

• 125 Mah Li - Polymer Battery. 

• Bluetooth 5.0

• Hi-Fi Stereo Sound

• 6Hrs Play-time / Talk-time

• Lightweight Egnormic Neckband

• Sweat Resistant Magnetic Earbuds. 

• Voice Assistant

• 200 Hrs StandBy Time.

• Passive noise cancelling. 

• 1.5 Hrs charging time

• 10m connectivity range. 

• Inl-line remote control allow calls and music controls for a hands free simple experience. 

• Compatible with all smartphones and tablets. 

For more details : PTron.in

Product Link : Amazon.in

Note : if you are tight on budget this neck band headphones comes under 600rs with good brand name and decent quality if you can increase the price a little higher than you can more better products. 

Finally, if you enjoyed the price and features of PTron Tangent Lite Headphones do say your user experience of this product in our comment section below, see ya :-)