We all want security and privacy on your android device but generally android Is the most more vulnerable to virus, malwares and hacker methods and techniques. 

There are two ways your device can be hacked either through software or hard-ware while hardware techniques are rare and they are very hard to detect but most of the hacks are done through software which is easily detectable!

But there are numerous ways you can protect your device from hackers, virus and malwares using anti-virus apps like malware bytes, Kaspersky, AVG and the most popular MCAffe available for free. 

If you want to protect smartphones from malware, virus and hackers you need to install anti-virus apps which scans your complete apps and files to make sure the device is safe and if you found malware or virus in anti-virus scanning you can now easily remove the files or apps which have the malware or virus to safeguard your android device. 

However, these anti-virus were unable to detect RAT virus or malwares which are un-detectable but this anti-virus apps are able to detect many viruses or malwares which are detectable. 

For this reason you have to check your device manually through tools which will give you live usage statistics of network, CPU, battery, apps etc so that you can check for any suspicious activity. 

In case you found any suspicious activity in CPU, Battery, Network, Apps tools then it is more likely that your phone is hacked by certain type of hacking technique. 

This tools or managers will help you to get all detailed statistics of network usage & battery usage statistics and CPU usage so you can check any irregular behavior that you found in your device through this tools and fix them. .

In order to detect hacking on your android device you need this necessary 3c tools.

App Manager
- Network Manager
- Battery Manager
- Task Recorder
- Task Manager
- CPU Manager
- Root Explorer
- Rom Manager
- Tool Box
- Sensitive BackUps

• How to download 3c Tools • 

It is very easy to download 3c tools on these platforms for free! 

- 3c App manager - 

App Info - Google Play - 

- 3c Network Manager - 

App Info - Google Play - 

- 3c Battery Manager -

App Info - Google Play - 

Task Recorder - 

App Info - Google Play - 

- CPU Manager - 

App Info - Google Play 

- Root Explorer - 

- All In One Tool Box

- App Info - Google Play

- ROM Manager ( Early Access

- App Info - • Early Access - Apps will don't have public sharing links if you need the apps just head over to play-store - 

- Sensitive BackUps -

- App Info - Google Play -

Now, before you search these tools and install them let's know more about this tools and how it will assist you to control, monitor and detect any type of hacking activities on your android device! 

• 3c Tools Official Support •


• 3c - App Manager •

It is one of our priority tool which provides you list of normal and system apps and a lot of useful features. 

Usually, most hacks or virus and malware attacks are done through apps because it is very easy to do and wide range of hack- ing methods, tricks and techniques avail- ble in hacking field. 

Due to that most hackers choose hacking through apps or websites which is easy and time saving techniques. 

This app is not just help you detect any type of hacking there are many others feature that we will let you know further. 

In 3c - App Manager check if there is any unknown app installed on your device with no name or duplicate names or suspicious name and mainly you don't think that you installed that app on your device. 

It is also important to check permissions of that app in app manager and see does that particular app is requiring additional permissions that are not required by app considering it's features. 

If you found such suspicious app that also requiring additional permissions then you need to uninstall it immediately and once you done that now go to your file manager and check for files created by that app and delete them.

If you don't find any files or folders created by that suspicious app then either folders were hidden do enable unhide files option in your file manager and check if there are any hidden files or folders and if there are any suspicious hidden files or folders and believe you don't need require them then you can delete them. 

If you don't find any hidden files, folders or any other data in your internal storage or SD card then you need to go to this folder in internal storage. 

- * Internal storage = Android = Data *

In data, search for that particular app and delete the app folder and its data and once you done that now in same Android folder you can find OBB folder which is to store additional data of games. 

If the app that you found is game then you need to search for that app data in folder named OBB and delete it. 

If you don't want to face this type of issues later and we suggest all users of Android don't install apps from unknown sources which you only need to take responsibility for such actions. 

We recommend you to only install apps from trusted sources like Google Play or app store including that only install apps from well known company's and sources. 

In some scenarios you may find system apps suspicious in that case you need to first search for that system app and check its details and see why it is requires for the device. 

You need to remember that system apps were linked to system operations without having proper knowledge about that app and uninstalling may brick your device. 

If the system app that you searched was not available on your device then it is more likely that particular app is OEM specific or installed by hacker in that case you need to first contact the app company and ask them about that particular system app and its suspicious activity or permissions after your message or question got acceptable response from company and the company said you can uninstall that system app and said you won't get any issue uninstalling it.

Then you can proceed later either you can uninstall it or not based on the response of the company. 

If the company said you the system app that you finded in your device is not made by them or not available in other devices of the same model own by you. 

Then definitely it is a system app that was installed by hacker which you can uninstall immediately but with consciousness the reason I said consiciousness is because eventhough system app that was installed by any hacker may there is a chance that system app is still linked with your phone system operation due to that you should do anything after complete understanding.

However, it requires rooting and once you root your device which voids warranty and also your phone company will never ever take responsibility of it. 

In such situation, your device is not rooted but you still found an additional system app which is suspicious and your phone company said it was not added by them. 

Then it is definitely your device is rooted and later un-rooted because the hacker or person doesn't want you to know about his hacking implementation on your device. 

It is no matter either it is completely new device or old even just unboxed in every device it is possible but the probability of hacking will just decrease in new and non-rooted devices but always there is chance the new devices or non-rooted phones are indeed hackable just like rooted or old smartphones they is no major difference. 

** Everything Is possible in this world and Android because it is open source**

In rare scenarios, No hacker or person like to install seperate system app because that raise doubts and concerns and you start to investigate about it. 

Which will put the hacker in hazardous situation so no hacker or person who have minimum sense won't install an seperate system app instead he like to re-program system app itself even it is hard and time taking and alot of effort based on his level of hacking skills his reverse engineering or re-program capability can't be estimated. 

If the hacker can do such type of advance techniques and do reverse engineering or re-programming in low time then he was probably expert hacker but doing this kind of techniques or exploits are not easy it takes alot of time to write code. 

To do this type of reverse engineering or re-programming and exploits by expert hacker he must be using an automated script which can do this type of hacking in minutes, hours or days based on how well he written that automated script and how advanced the script work on most android versions latest and oldest with hardware changes and restrictions. 

In app manager you have a feature named startup events which will show the events of that app from start to end so that you can find any suspicious activity & proceed further but this feature won't work in ex- pert hacking techniques because the hackers hide the exploit in event itself which is normal. 

Whatever, it is still recommended you to be more secure it is better you don't root your device and only uninstall apps that you feel suspicious not system apps which you need to be cautious.

One of the important things that you need to remember never and ever install piracy paid, pro, unlocked, cracked apps on your android device because you don't know the developer who produced the app or you can't trust the source that provided you this pirated apps. 

We don't recommend rooting or installing third party softwares/roms but you already done rooting or installed custom roms and found suspicious system app then contact the custom ROM developer and get details about that particular app and if you finally got acceptable info from him and he said you won't face any issue uninstalling it. 

Then you can proceed to uninstall that app that was inbuild in system and if you trust him else its better to always use a device which is not rooted and unlocked that will gives you alot more privacy and security. 

Probably, these type of system application exploits or techniques are undetectable by any type of anti-virus softwares or apps you need to use advanced softwares and manual deep checking and testing your device combinely to detect and succeed to find out else it won't work. 

Note : If you are willing to uninstall system app or apps then you have to wait.. there are many other ways to detect either that system app or other app are suspicious or not with upcoming 3c tools. Be patient you need to do alot of research and analysis! 

Inshort, 3c App manager is a powerful app manager that offers advanced app backup and advanced management for Android devices. 

• 3c - App Manager Key features with UI and UX overview •

- In One-Click, We can backup, update manage, schedules apps and sensitive backups like SMS, call log, contacts, calenders and WiFi including option to import in titanium backup. 

- In menu, if you want vertical menu instead of horizontal options then you can use this feature to navigate easily.

- In startup events, you can see all the events of app from start to end. 

- In permissions, you can find all system and normal apps and check permissions that are requiring by apps which you can restrict if necessary and take care. 

- In Applications, you can check all apps and it's package names and versions also you can Add to launcher, create tags and backup, create twrp zip and share or you can uninstall apps. 

- In BackUps, You will find all app backups and twrp backups here. 

- In scheduler, you will find all the tasks that you already scheduled by pressing the + button you can create tasks. 

- Once, you press + icon you can now schedule many tasks with app manager. 

- In settings, we have alot of features that will improve experience of app manager. 

In theme option, you can choose all colors as themes including modes like system and dark according to your interest. 

- In general, you have additional info and options to donate, support and request or unlock features which is paid. 

Overall, the UI is simple and clean this app give classic vintage usage experience that we used to get at the time of Ice cream & kikat Android version that feels good with advanced features. 

• 3c - Network Manager •

It is recommended for all users of Android or any other device to always enable data saver, restrict all apps background usage except few apps which won't work unless you remove from background data usage restrictions and use data with VPN, proxy, or dns which gives security and privacy! 

Before, we continue further we suggest you to first check everything is alright or not with your apps with 3c app manager later proceed to network manager to find or detect any irregular data usage so that you can detect hacking activity.

Network manager is the most important tool after app manager to detect any type of hacking activity on your android device. 

It is known fact without network you can't do most works on android except some apps and games which work offline but to send or recieve data you need to have an active network. 

This active network also needed by hacker to transmit data from your device to other remotely so if the hacker transmitting data from your device to his device then you are able to detect irregular data usage. 

Which means there is some app utilising more data then it should either installed apps or system apps while system apps are rare in most scenarios installed apps from unknown sourses are real culprits.

This culprits can be easily detected via network manager tool which have many features which will assist you to check installed apps or system apps irregular data usage so that you can take action and solve the issue. 

Yes, You can easily detect irregular data usage on android in detail with network manager you just have to check all the apps data usage and find the one which utilising more data.

It is possible to detect irregular data usage while using network itself using network meter which will give up link - send and downlink - receive speed of your internet using internet meter you need to analyse up - send speed of your internet. 

If up link - send, speed is more then your usage and your background apps internet usage then also we can say it's suspicious

Once, you detected the suspicious apps which using your mobile cellular data or WiFi data you can uninstall that app but incase the app is system you need to be cautious. 

System apps usually don't use heavy data except system browsers or file download managers or system online music players unless you use it except this few apps you won't find any system app to use heavy data. 

If your system app misbehaving or using alot of data and seems suspicious then you have to search the name of that app- lication in internet and find out why the system app is using heavy data. 

If you got relevant answer from internet trusted source and they mention it fine with your system app then it's ok else contact your phone company and ask them regarding that suspicious system app if you got acceptable response from phone company and if they say it's normal then it's completely fine. 

In such scenario if phone company says you the system app in your device not available in any other device of the same model own by you then definitely that app is installed by hacker or person. 

Now, you need to check your device is rooted or not with root checker apps available on play store and once you confirmed your device is rooted you warrants voids which means you will definitely don't get support from phone company. 

If you don't rooted your device but the root checker apps show your device is rooted then your phone is hacked but if the root checker apps show your device is never rooted but you have an system app which is not available on any other device you own then also your phone is hacked. . 

However, if the system apps are available on other devices of same model own by you but still it is using huge data then the other devices of same system apps then also you device may be hacked.

But, don't worry you have numerous ways to fix this issue try to restrict background data of that particular system app which will reduce data usage and background which will stop anonymous data transmit that you won't see. 

Settings - Apps - App Info - restrict background data - 

Now, even after restricting data usage of installed apps or system apps you have to apply more settings for more safety. 

First and foremost to secure you data you have to use VPN, proxy, or custom DNS including that enable data saver on your android device available. 

We suggest cloud flare which not only resolve DNS but also boost your device network speed. 

VPN route your data and network requests through multiple servers available in globe to secure you and remaining methods like proxy or DNS are least secure but works like charm. 

However, even after restricting data usage and activating VPN, proxy and DNS you still see suspicious irregular data usage with that system app then it is definitely doing some hacking in background. 

Then definitely it is some kind of advanced hacking method or technique which you need to findout with upcoming 3c tools. 

Do remember VPN, Proxy, DNS in active mode doesn't mean your network is completely safe it is just to add extra layer of protection and security from viruses, malware and hackers. 

But, if you are a rooted and custom ROM user then you can contact ROM developer and question or complaint regarding this irregularity and get solution else you need to change custom ROM. 

Even if you change custom ROM that doesn't mean you are completely safe from hacks or exploits it just increases layer of protection for every new Android version due to security patches and latest security implementations by Google. 

Note : If you still face the issue even after applying all the methods stated above it is better to conduct more tests using more 3c tools to detect and figure out the issue. 

Inshort, 3c Network manager is simple yet powerful network manager which will allow tracking Wi-Fi, data usage and if your device is rooted then you can tweak your network configs as well! 

- Network Manager Key features with UI and UX overview - 

- In menu, we have options like refresh widget, Android data usage, tethering, 
summary, running, graphics, details & settings in one place to navigate easily. 

- In summary, you will get all the details of yours network like it's signal strength and network meter including graphical user in- terface of it. 

- In graphics, we can see graphical stats of apps network usage with time cycle. 

In graphics, - apps you can select all the apps to see graphical network statistics. 

- In details, you can check data usage of every app and detect irregular data usage. 

Overall, the UI is simple and clean this app give simple yet powerful features that give you nice user experience. 

- 3c Battery Manager - 

In Android battery is the most important thing based on its capacity and battery quality you will get good battery life. 

If your device is hacked via software you are able to see significant battery drain in your android device due to data hijacking or background services. . 

But, normally devices with battery which are older then 2 years will probably have more battery drain then new devices in - cluding that use your phone compatible official charger and then only charge your battery from 20% to 85% or 20% 90% not to low or to high which will give you good battery life as per developer Paget 96 who is known for battery guru and L - Speed apps & projects. 

* To know more about L Speed :- here

* To know more about Battery Guru :- here

Now, if your device is completely new and you use your official charger but also you see suspicious battery drain which doesn't look alright then you need check all of your device activities. 

To detect this activities you need battery manager which will give indept accurate details of your battery usage and assist you to detect any app suspicious battery drain on your device and help you fix it. 

Do remember, if you don't find any battery drain in apps or system that doesn't mean your device is not hacked as battery is crucial for any device any huge battery decrease hints something wrong in your device which you need to fix. 

In 3c battery manager - statistics check for the apps which are using huge data which you not used but it shows alot of data usage and if you feel that app is not linked with system then uninstall the app or apps. 

Note : If you don't find any system or app battery drain but you still feel suspicious then you need to must analyse more of your device with upcoming important 3c tools which will give you more powefull features to detect any hacking activity. 

Inshort, 3c battery manager is the most complete tool to monitor your batteries, show historical data ( %, mA, mW, mV & temperature), calculates estimated run- times, and battery aging, helps calibrate battery and improves your battery run- time. 

3c Battery Manager Key features with UI and UX Overview •

- In menu, we have a lot of options and features to navigate in one place. 

- In status, we can see all important stats regarding your battery so you can better analyse you battery and take care. 

- In graphics, you will get graphical time starts of your battery brain so that you  can analyse and do necessary changes. 

- In history, you will get detailed stats of your previous battery drain of your device with hrs and exact time. 

- In markers, you can access profiles and see the battery stats of that profile. 

- In compare, you can do comparison of estimated usage and historical data with mAh in use. 

- In watcher, you can set a trigger of your battery mAh when it reach your desired point you will be notified. 

- In settings, • widgets • you have different sizes of widgets to add on your home to get battery stats. 

- In settings, you have monitoring also you have calibration, history markets including these options you also have export battery history and import battery history which is useful. 

Overall, 3c battery manager will give you detailed stats of your system and apps with simple and clean user interface and user experience which you can rely upon. 

- 3c Task Recorder

The tool which can record your current app usage and give you live analysis of it with CPU load and graphical interface. 

In this way, any you can detect apps which are working in background but not visible and utilising CPU.

If you found any app that was detected by task recorder which you are not using but the task recorder shows it is in use then you can uninstall the app without thinking. 

Once, you are sure the app is working in live analysis even don't open it and using CPU which means your device is some how compromised. 

It is better to uninstall the app or check the permissions list of that particular app in app info and disable all the permissions & also check either you given accessibility features or enabled draw over other apps permission which you need to remove all. 

Now, re-check in task recorder either the app is still available in live analysis or not if the app availabile in live analysis then it is definitely suspicious app which you can remove immediately and delete all the files that was created by the app. 

Inshort, A simple task recorder allowing to track bad behaving apps, running standby 
or background, or using network which you can detection and safeguard your device. 

• 3c Task Recorder Key features with UI and UX Overview •

- In menu, you can access recordings and analyser with start & stop recorder. 

- In home screen, you can start and stop your live analysis and check you previous live analysis. 

- In analyser, you can see the live apps and it's graphical data. 

- In settings, we have numerous features that you can get more potential of task recorder with combined use of this features. 

Overall, the app is simple and clean with useful features which working really good which gives you simple experience. 

• 3c Task Manager

The tool that gives will assist you further after using 3c task recorder if you don't have any issues with live apps then the issue probably with other apps which are working in background either installed or system apps. 

Task manager is a simple tool which will display live CPU usage and percentage of CPU used by apps. 

So, that you can detect any apps using lot of CPU and take necessary action on that either force stop or uninstalling it. 

If you don't see any irregular or huge CPU in your apps that doesn't mean your phone is not hacked it is just a method to detect and stop apps which seems suspicious. 

There are more advanced surveillance technology outhere which don't require apps or cpu usage. 

However, You need to use all 3c tools to get better idea and understanding of your device and later you can proceed further. 

• 3c Task Recorder Key features with UI and UX Overview •

Overall, the app is very useful to detect any spying apps and detect any unusual activity in first place. 

• 3c CPU Manager •

CPU - Central processing unit which have 8 cores and all of them are required for the device to work properly and efficiently and it is needed to handle every operation on you Android. 

CPU work combinely with, GPU - graphical user interface, RAM, ROM and battery to give you stable user experience. 

Earlier, we said CPU is needed for every operation on your Android the higher and the better the CPU, GPU, RAM, ROM and battery the better fluideness you are able to experience with no lags or glitches. 

If you have an faster CPU and CPU cores then you will have smooth app experience and fluid gaming you have better gives to the app or operation the better it works and you. 

You can overclock your cpu with kernel manager or check everything about your CPU with CPU manager and detect any suspicious cpu usage or hacking activity. 

Previously, we said cpu and it's cores are needed for every operation on Android to open apps, play games etc. 

In case your device is utilising more CPU then it should then you be your device is filled with background apps or else your device may be hacked and some kind of activity is going in background which you need find and fix it. 

In 3c - CPU manager you can only see live cpu cores speed and details of cpu with graphic statistics. 

To detect any app CPU usage you need to use 3c task recorder and task manager that we mentioned above combined to check any irregular CPU usage app and uninstall them when you are dealing with system apps do with atmost care. 

Do remember if you don't find any irregular or suspicious cpu usage in your system or apps that doesn't mean you device is not hacked it is just a method to detect hack- ing activity on your device which uses your CPU and it is detectable. 

• 3c CPU Manager Key features with UI and UX Overview •

In menu, we have a lot of options and features to navigate in one place. 

- In summary, you can check alot of detail and information of your cpu and GPU. 

- In graphics, you will get cpu frequency in graphical interface. 

- In cpu, you will get live stats of your CPU cores and more details that are useful. 

- In times, you will get pie chart of your CPU usage and more details. 

-In profiler,
you can set your own CPU profiles. 

- In app purchase, you can buy full version which will give you additional features of 3c battery manager! 

Overall, the app is good and gives clean detailed statistics of cpu with nice user interface which gives you cool experience.

- 3c Explorer

3c File Manager or Explorer which is the best simple file manager to check all the root / system files and internal files with clean user interface. 

3c explorer gives you clean box shaped - window like user interface in that window you can access all files available on your Android device. 

Now, 3c explorer comes in handy when you detected any apps or files which you believe is suspicious and by uninstalling or deleting it won't get you issue then use 3c explorer to delete apps or files which you need root access that voids warranty also deleting any system apps or files without proper knowledge or research can make your device not work anymore. 

• 3c Explorer Key features with UI and UX Overview •

- You can access root files, internal files and SD card files here. 

- A simple screen to create folder & file. 

- In settings, you have lot more options to customize file explorer according to your interest. 

Overall, 3c Explorer is simple yet awesome file manager which gives you intuitive and cool usage experience. 

- 3c ROM Manager

After analysing everything that we said on your device with all 3c tools and you feel the hacking activity is doing through soft- ware only then if you have skills to build your own custom software. 

Then, ROM Manager will assist you to create custom ROMs but ROM Manager is still in early access so you won't get alot of features like other tools. 

If you are serious about making custom software use pc to do. 

• 3c ROM Manager Key features with UI and UX Overview •

- In ROM Manager, We have build control where you are build custom ROMs. 

- In search bar, you can search for name of property or description. 

Overall, eventhough the app is still in early access and it's in-complete but it still feel same like other 3c tools the UI is same & user experience will be improved further. 

• 3c - All in One Tool Box •

3c - All in one tool box is the ultimate ver. of all tools combined if you doesn't want to install every tool separately this app easily will do the job. 

It has entire 3c collection - tools but it doesn't have 3c legacy stats and 3c sensitive backups which you have install separately from play store. Mol

3c All in one tool box made for people who don't want to install different types of tools separately and want all the required tools in one app for them 3c tool box Is one of the perfect choice. 

• 3c All-In-One ToolBox Manager Key features with UI and UX Overview •

- In tool box, you will have all tools in single screen so that you use. 

- In home, you can enable 4×4 expert mode to all tools easily. 

- In menu, we have all apps to use all the features and functions. 

Overall, In app purchase, you can buy full version which will give you additional features of 3c All-In-One Tool Box! 

• 3c - Sensitive BackUps - 

In that scenario, when you feel everything on your device seems suspicious and you may have important contacts or calls logs which you need take backup! 

So, this tiny app 3c - sensitive backups will backup every contact and call logs. MMS / SMS, calendar etc. 

• 3c - Sensitive BackUps Key features with UI and UX Overview •

- You have automatic schedule, explore backups and current and last backups. 

- You can access all other apps from here. 

- You can choose backup location and set maximum backups. 

Overall, In app purchase, you can buy full version which will give you additional features of 3c All-In-One Tool Box! 

The best part of 3c tools beside it's awesome functionality it has all tools interlinked into its ecosystem which makes process simple and nice. 

You can donate to this apps if you wish to which will contribute to the development of this apps for future. 

At last, Even after checking and analysing everything on your Android device but you still didn't founded any footprint then may be your device is not hacked through soft- ware more likely it was hardware. 

In rare scenarios, hardware hacking will be implemented by law enforcements or any big criminals if you think or believe you may have this people in your life then it was advanced surveillance equipment which is not available for everyone except law enforcements or big criminals. 

In the above stated technique which cost alot money and it's not easy to detect and remove so if you are rich you can remove that but if you are poor like me you have to change phones, haha :-) 

If that was not the case then your device was hacked combinely with sofware and hardware which is hard but may be the hack they implemented on your device is more simple then you though. 

Yes, The hacker can use Bluetooth and your phone camera or a chip inside of your device which will transmit live screen rec -ording via bluetooth or that type of tech- nology which is easy to implement and won't cost them much. 

Eventhough, this hacks are simple but it was very hard to detect by user even you do all types of protection like VPN, proxy, data saver, batter saver etc won't work in this hacking technique. 

But, Bluetooth or transmitter technology requires the hacker within limited range, distance or radius else he can't get fast live transmission else a virtual sim data sending the record anonymously. 

In this type of hacking techniques you are suggested to contact cyber security expert and hand over the device to diagnose and analyse by him if you trust him to remove the hacking equipment from your device else yourself it is hard for you to do that. 

We even have more simple yet powerful hacking methods like sim jacking which requires 10$ modem to hack your device with flash messages in seconds. 

Know more about sim jacking - here

If you done all things that we stated above and you didn't find any type of software or hardware hacking activity but you still feel and you are 100% sure about it then may be you are surveillance by some tech ad- vanced equipment like tiny cameras in well arranged positions to get onscreen activity of your device and you or audio reciever or motions etc to get better idea your daily activities etc which you can only detect with professional surveillance detecting equipment that costs alot of money. 

Now, let's know about the creator of this 3c tools who developing this apps from 2011 onwards who put alot of hardwork on all these apps to give perfect usage experience for you. 

A big shoutout to this guy Cédric Counotte
being a Project Manager and IT director who have experience in various fields of technology from late 90s.

LinkedIn: here

We asked to share his success story he considered our request and shared his success story of 3c tools that we will share with you now. 

- Tech Tracker - Hi, would you like to share your success story with us ? 

-  Cédric Counotte - I Started with a very basic battery monitoring that provided a unique feature on playstore: mA reporting which users rapidly adopted it and they requested more features. 

Then users requested more features not related to battery monitoring and I started building new apps. 

At some point users requested a single all-in-one toolbox, which I started to build, thinking it could replace all others permanently. 

A very bad commercial mistake, which I recovered a few years later by updating existing apps along the all-in-one app. These days the tools category has become hard to maintain because of Google’s ever increasing restrictions,

But I found ways to keep my apps useful to all users, rooted or not.

This is just amazing it was all started with a battery manager later expanded to many apps and including an ultimate all-in-one toolbox that is available now. 

Cédric Counotte like to dedicate the work to his cute little beautiful family which we felt awesome. 

Finally, Try to analyse everything with the tools and come to conclusion and don't be sad just take care from now you can't do anything that was already happened just hope for good in future, do you ever faced any hacking on your device, if so convey your experience in our comment section below, see ya :-)