We definitely require good battery life on smartphones to get maximum possible screen on time or usable time on Android or iOS for daily works.

It is must to get enough battery life based on your battery capacity If you are unable to get enough battery life considering it's battery capacity then most probably your device software is not optimized or some apps are utilising more battery else there are some background services that has to taken care off If everything is good in apps and software then most likely it's charger or battery issue. 

We have Lithium batteries which degrade overtime so if you have a old phone then it is most common problem that your phone batteries degraded if your phone is brand new but you still facing the issue then it is likely a charging defect try to change your charger and check are you using company provided charger and right voltage or not if everything is perfect in battery and charger side then definitely it's a software issue that you can easily take care off. 

In today's life we need big apps for many purposes but they are loaded with heavy resources which drain your phone battery alot compared to other apps for example facebook app which drains alot of battery in compared to other social media apps just because facebook app is always in active in background which drains battery due to that most social media company's started making lite versions of thier apps like facebook lite or Instagram lite to save battery and data usage on smartphones. 

Now, First diagnose your battery, charger and check battery stats available in your operating system settings either android or iOS check which apps consuming more battery life if there are any heavy resource apps then uninstall them and start using lite variants of that particular apps else to save more battery life then use website of the app if available and add it as shortcut in homescreen now most browsers have that feature which is currently called PPA - progressive web apps which save lot more battery juice then lite variants of apps. 

Previously, we said software optimization  plays a key role for good battery life due to that most company's today releasing well optimized software to users if your phone company doesn't provided you with good optimized software or you are using a old software version then try to change or up- date the software for better battery life on your device. 

Particularly, network or wifi consume alot of battery if you are using network or WiFi which have enormous speed or bandwidth usage then it can be your network or WiFi that draining your battery life which you can fix yourself by enabling data saver or charging your phone in switch off mode. 

However, you must not charge your phone upto 100% or use until it drain to below 15 percentage it is good to charge your phone from 15% to 85% or 20% to 85 or 90% as per battery experts for good battey life. 

Eventhough, you follow all the methods mentioned above you must have to reset your device and put your phone in safe mode to reset your device software and phone to manufacturer state which will solve issues in most scenarios. 

You can alternatively unlock bootloader or root your device and then install custom roms that are specially developed for your device to extend battery life by XDA devs. you can check your phone XDA forums for battery based custom ROMs or support. 

But, In all scenario's everything with your phone is good but you desire to get little more battery life that can extend screen on time then you need a battery manager that gives you exact battery statistics and detailed app insights with accurate and complete analysis and report on your daily battery usage including some external features to extend your battery time.

We have huge list of battery manager apps available in playstore and world wide web so it's important to pick the right one else there Is chance that may raise Issues later.

Now, in search of best battery manager app that can monitor and save battery we found an app named battery guru which is simple yet powerful tool in size of 3.4mb.

Yes, battery guru by paget96 helps you change your charging habits with useful tips to prolong battery life and increase the battery lifespan by 200% available on android for healthy battery life. 

Battery guru is well optimized to work on all devices and it can give your more nice features if you root your phone as battery guru get system control to give you more root only features to increase battery life. 

We can even extend battery life changing CPU and GPU frequency from 2016 MHz to 652 MHz also switching kernel mode from performance to battery mode which can be easily done via kernel manager app or else there is another project made by Paget96 called L Speed which gives you collection of tweaks to improve battery life performance, and gaming on android but root is required else it won't work ! 

Let's get started, Inshort battery guru is a battery manager which will monitor and save battery with useful tips & features to extend battery life on android like never before. 

Interesting, battery guru is completely free you don't need to pay anything for free ver. which have minimal ads but if you want to support developer you can do subscription weekly or for one month to support developer including that you can get subscription for 24 hrs by just seeing 30 seconds ad which is unique! 

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It is very easy to download battery guru on these platforms for free! 

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• Battery Guru Key features with UI & UX Overview •

- In hamburger menu, we have 6 features by utilising them we can get maximum battery life !

- In charging, we can optimize battery,

- check info about battery and statistics. 

- You can " correct " battery capacity it shows wrong in some cases. 

- In discharging, you can get all details regarding battery usage and an estimated remaining time. 

- check which apps consuming battery and uninstall or limit them. 

- check detailed insights of apps to get better idea which apps utilising more battery juice as per app on screen time. 

- In health, you can apply protective layers with features to get maximum protection including that you get useful tips. 

- You can set battery draining rememinder to get notified about abnormal battery draining on your android device. 

- In doze, you can enable aggressive doze to stop irregular network and WiFi scan to save alot more battery life. 

- In profiles, you can set your preffered mode to get good battery time. 

Moreover, the user experience of battery guru is simple and enjoyable and this are just glimpse of features with a little overview of user interface and it's features to get real experience check out battery guru on playstore and majorly this app is in continuous development so will see a lot more features in future you to experience! 

Finally, Most people think battery life only depend on battery but it includes usage & mainly software matters so to get best out it apps like battery guru will helps you to manage you battery usage better with its insights and live reports with features and if you a user of battery guru do you like the app say which feature of this app you like the most in our comment section below, see ya :-)