The most awaited homegrown game FAUG finally released on playstore today on the eve of republic day as expected the game is based on gallwan valley and there is no multi-player or battle royale mode yet they will surely add in future updates. 

The FAUG game is already popular due to various reasons like pubg ban, the popular Indian actor Akshay Kumar announced the game himself and mainly it is based on the real events faced by our Indian soldiers in border due to that FAUG game receiving huge response from people in india. 

FAUG is an Indian based patriotic action game that was announced after popular game around the world pubg banned in India due to data breach & national integrity and security issues. 

We do like to play action games so we are looking for alternative to pubg then at the time FAUG - fearless and United guards is announced by india's most popular Actor Akshay Kumar in his instagram ID then we forgot pubg and got excited for FAUG and waited for so long as the game said to be releasing in October but got delayed due to whatever reason and finally started pre- registrations and available to download now on play store. 

FAUG going to be well optimized to play in most android phones from android version 8.0 onwards as the game size is below 500 MB which is very less size compared to other action games and it is developed in unity game engine unlike unreal engine 4 used by most popular games like pubg or call of duty but in India unity game engine is popular due to widely available tools & most developers know unity and they are familiar with unity game engine which will enable them to easily work to fix all bugs and add features and give best stability in good gameplay. 

Eventhough, you can now play FAUG now the game is still in early access due to that you may find few bugs or glitches which is normal for any early access game which will be fixed from next updates. 

However, there are many people who got disappointed due to unavailabilty of battle royale and multi-player mode and even few gamers disappointed for less features and some issues with buttons that we can see in Google Play reviews etc. 

But, We do played FAUG according to me the FAUG game is simply fantastic it has amazing weapons and gameplay in early access game it is awesome and it has all necessary elements with good gameplay filled with patrioticness in every scene will teach you the greatness of our soldiers & their living environment and conditions. 

In future, we can see latest updates which will improve gameplay with more features and more modes like multi-player & battle Royale and more better graphics which is needed to compete other games like pubg or call of duty in India. 

In-app purchases are there to buy coins and weapons only and 20% of the money they received from game revenue will be contributed to Bharat Ke Veer foundation if you like game and want to support its develop- ment consider watching ads or buying the weapons, I would really appreciated that. .

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• How to download FAUG - Fearless and United Guards • 

It is very easy to download FAUG on these platforms for free! 

FAUG Key features with UI & UX Overview•

- Once, you download game from playstore this Is the first look you will get to see the commander dhillon in base. 

- We have multiple Indian based weapons and numerous characters of our soldiers which you make you play the game truly fearless and prideness in your heart. 

- In arsenal, to be honest FAUG won in this category we have amazing weapons that looks fabulous to see and play. 

- In loadout, you will see all the purchased items like items and more. 

- In tokens, we can watch ads by tapping the button which is clean and simple & also you can buy coins to purchase items. 

You can see the banner 20%  revenue generated from FAUG game will be contributed to Bharat Ke Veer! 

- In settings, You can change audio and graphics, sensitivity etc. 

- We have three modes, 

CAMPAIGN - Single Player which is a story mode based on gallwan valley. 

TEAM DeathMatch - Multi-Player which will be coming soon - no more info. 

FREE FOR ALL - It is a battle royale mode which probably you and me waiting for but yet no more info. 

- In gameplay, first you need to complete tutorial and then you will be joining into missions which is completely based on gallwan valley incidents that our soldiers faced in border on June 15 and captain dhillon fight with intruders and search for soliders who were kidnapped to save india's land and our soldiers. 

- In campaign mode, to increase damaged health from intruder attachers you have to find bon fire and sit next to it to increase your health in seconds and start explore. 

Overall, the gameplay is nice even though there are few cons that are easily fixable FAUG background music and sounds are simply awesome which is awesome. 

Moreover, In first version we can say that this game have potential to revolutionize Indian games sector to get more gaming company from India to develop this type action games that can compete games like PUBG or call of duty. 

The success of FAUG will make billionaires from India to invest in gaming company's or start their own compay to build global quality games that compete global games from world which is essential. 

India, already have huge talent & potential and the success of FAUG will unlock more capability of our game developers and our game company's, so definitely as per me I can say definitely FAUG will succeed like the TikTok alternatives, 

Finally, Let's hope for good, we like FAUG more than PUBG or COD due to simple & exciting game play which has potential to improve more in upcoming updates and modes which will be awesome, do you like FAUG and waiting for upcoming updates like us, do mention that in our comment section below, see ya :-)