Google Search rank your articles based on SEO mainly you need high authority back - links and good website authority to rank your articles on google search but there is another method you can rank articles on google search first page using google's Question Hub and get organic traffic.

It is important to rank your articles on first page of Google search else you won't get organic traffic but it is little hard to rank your website and articles on Google search for that you need to do get alot of high authority backlinks for your articles to compete with other websites. 

This is why you have to use Question hub by Google which doesn't require backlinks for your articles or they don't care about your website authority you just need well written informative high quality relevant content for the questions provided by them to let them show your article on first page of Google search.

Google Search organizes information to find the most relevant, useful results for each user's search but if there no content available for that particular question or search then they collect all unanswered questions directly from users to identify content gaps and they add in Google's Question hub to give facility for publishers
to answer that unanswered questions with thier relevant and richer content for that particular question.

So, you need to utilize this facility provided by Google to create articles based on the unanswered questions or submitting your relevant articles for the questions that you founded in question hub to rank articles and get organic traffic but just you have to make sure that the articles you are going to submit should be relevant and high quality. 

Question hub will rank your article on first page for the search keyword like above so that your article will get organic traffic and many more benefits that will improve your website in many ways so why late! 

Now, let's get started we will now show how to use Google Question hub to rank your articles on Google search and get organic traffic. 

How to use Google's Question hub and submit your articles • 

- Go to and check all details to know more and tap on the hamburger menu. 

- Once, you tap on hamburger menu you need to tap on Sign Up. 

- Now, you need to login with your gmail ID that was linked with the Google search console where your website already added for easy process without any problems. 

- Then you need to add your website URL in Question hub and then you will see this options to analyse better about you search results of articles you submitted. 

- Tap on add question and then search for question which you think unanswered or choose the category where you'll see the collected unanswered questions. 

- You need search with keyword like this and then you will get results related to the keyword you searched and now you have to tap on ADD to get all unanswered Questions in your Question hub profile.

- You can as top as many times you want on ADD option until there are questions available but each tap on ADD you will get only 10 unanswered questions. 

- Then, you have tap on × option to get back to home to see the added question by Question hub. 

- You have check the box or tap on  ⭐ to make add them as important which will  be available in starred and tap on answer to provide your article links! 

- Once, you done that you need to paste your article URL and press on SUBMIT

- Atlast, you have to tap on performance and connect your Google Analytics account which you linked your website before and then you will see the traffic for articles that you submitted for the questions in Google's Question hub. 

Overall, Question by Google is good and the user interface is simple which gives you clean user experience, we shown you desktop version of Question hub you can choose mobile version to but it is little hard to access all features to use. 

Note : Google's Question hub is still in beta so you may see some issues but later you will get more features and options soon in future as it is made by Google you can rely on it but ranking of articles on first page of Google search result is completely depend on relevancy and rich content. 

Moreover, Google's Question hub provide an amazing opportunity for new bloggers to create high quality & relavent content and submit thier high quality rich content articles in Question hub to rank thier articles on google search results without backlinks or high domain authority. 

if you are facing ad limit on your AdSense account then you can utilise Question hub to get organic traffic which will remove AdSense ads limit and improve your site ranking and incase you got high traffic for the question you answered and it was appeared on first page then there is high chance your article appear on google news easily. 

It is also worth to mention choose unanswered questions that have high searches or choose such question which have potential to get traffic in future so that you will get success faster via Google question hub. 

Finally, this is Question hub by Google you can utilise it in various ways to get benefit, so are you using Question hub do articles you submited ever ranked and got organic traffic, definately mention that in our comment section below, see ya :-)