We all know HTC smartphones are little expensive but it worth HTC never and ever disappointed customers when it comes to smartphone quality, design, software and well arranged features and that may be the reason HTC have a tagline quietly brilliant! 

HTC - high tech computers used to make notepad computers in the end of 90's and windows phone in 2004 to 2006 with the company name Qtek later in 2008 HTC stepped into smartphone sector. 

The first smartphone HTC released was HTC dream in 2008 which got immense popularity as it is the first phone on the market to run Android mobile operating system including that HTC dream comes with elegant design and good build quality with competitive pricing at the time! 

There are several factors and reasons that made HTC out of league in today's market that we will know everything in detail. 

HTC is considered as best flagship device and best alternative to google or samsung flagships phones but HTC lacks in budget department HTC used to provide less on paper specs of budget smartphones but real world usage of HTC is lot better then the over hyped on paper specs of other devices anf HTC craft their every device with brilliance and kind of magic that makes you feel awesome! 

• The downfall of HTC corporation • 

The main reason of HTC failure in market due to poor advertising campaigns which dropped the sells alot even if the device is path breaking it should get enough adverts else it can't reach more people and HTC in management of advertising failed they just released smartphones into market and the flow of sells depended on consumers and the retailers who are the main reason HTC didn't completely collapsed yet due to the retailers commission they managed to sell products to customers with thier skills. 

HTC just focused mainly on United States and United Kingdom and other European country's which they lost grip eventually due to major market of US or UK or any other European country occupied by apple
even today considering past 10 years of graph and sells statistics. 

HTC still have the chance to grow in India or brazil where apple or samsung flagship smartphones not in affordable range due to major population monthly income is less then 200 dollars. 

In this scenario HTC have option to leave US and other European country's and just focus on country's like india, Brazil, Africa vietnam where they have popularity and the monthly average is less than 200$ in this country's including that thier is wide potential of smartphone industry growth specially in India HTC have ability to make budget smartphones for this markets but HTC just sticked to thier old flagships and country's which is another reason there is not even single person naming HTC is one choice in Indian markets today while long back HTC used to be great option in India. 

In 2014 chinese companys entered into India and many other developing country's especially Xiaomi released best budget phone Xiaomi note 1 which selled like hot cakes and they never looked back in India Xiaomi grown like never before and other chinese company's started making budget phones for this developing country and getting good profit in bigger sells and now India is one of the destination for budget phone companys success story. 

But, HTC in 2014 used to sell thier phones little more expensive they have ability to produce budget phones in well pricing but they didn't they overpriced the products so it made most people in India to buy other company phones mainly chinese budget smartphones are always in demand. 

Which they realised the potential of India market today and made a budget phone exclusively for India but which forgot all HTC design, quality, ideology etc just for the sake of budget they released in 10K pricing with old mediatek processor but chinese company's in same budget give flagship mediatek processors where in this budget category HTC dissatisfied! 

To bring back the lost glory of HTC they made a flagship phone called HTC U11 & U11+ which have latest flagship features but comes with old OEM gingerbread with HTC sense custom skin on top of it but it doesn't entertained much people except the fans of HTC and HTC sense due to that HTC U11 series eventually faded with low attention and sells from people. 

Do you believe it? A gingerbread out of box on 2019 flagship which is weird but HTC sense make you feel better! 

But, it is important to get latest software updates considering today smartphones features and google latest technologies and features implementations on android which are essential to standout in market and security else any latest smartphone either flagship or budget doesn't have any
capability to use except for nostalgic use.  

HTC majorly focused on retail market and flagships and didn't used online shopping websites due to that there is no sells from online market which they need to use for spike of sells but they didn't so they even lost online market which is crucial. 

In terms of design HTC doesn't provide you glass backs or glossy textures or any special editions like marvel or DC or any fan based editions just traditional colors and traditional design no dew drop or notch and even punch hole display just classic ones due to that somehow the sells of HTC impacted as people started liking glass backs, special editions and bigger screen aspect ratio so HTC failed they didn't realised the looks matters instead of experience and feel for long term usage. 

When it comes to display again htc lacks here like apple while samsung going like bullet train in department of display tech like AMOLED and super AMOLED displays with bigger displays ever year with thier samsung note series but HTC sticked to TFT and LCD displays with small display sizes for most smartphones which can be said another reason of HTC downfall as other phone company's like Samsung and sony providing cutting edge latest display technologys with display size increase in every year to users but HTC unable to do when it was required. 

The late implementation of fast charging while smartphones like motorola giving a turbo charger in box HTC on thier budget smartphone HTC struggled to give thier own fast charger called rapid charger 3.0 until 2019 with thier flagship U11 series. 

HTC doesn't innovated anything from past  10 years just followed the old trend which impacted sales alot while company's like samsung are always in innovation giving new technologies to users but there is no major changes or new innovations from HTC corporation which is a big setback. 

It is important to mention that HTC like to put latest processors in flagships only not on thier lineups of entry level and budget phones used to get 600mhz snapdragon processors HTC pico is an example which made the track of HTC more slippery. 

The normal features like ROM and RAM they also lacked in htc smartphones while flag- ships are ok but when it comes to budget phones htc used to give below 100mb of ROM and RAM while samsung, apple are at least giving 4gb of ROM and 1g of RAM in thier smartphones which htc failed to do and the users got irritated and frustrated due to low storage notifcation always so they switched to big ROM and ram smartphones!

Atlast, camera which is most important feature for any device even it was lacked in htc smartphones even in thier flagships they used to provide vga cameras for front camera in the time of 2012 while samsung is atleast giving mega pixels eventhough it's ok as we know htc is expensive people used to look htc as more unique brand then the regular supplier like samsung but to be geniune they didn't added features or any improvement in camera section they are normal like any other smartphone. 

In conclusion we found out that htc done 
alot of mistakes and they didn't put focus in some areas and departments when the people require it and failed to understand and acknowledge the potential growth of country's like India and Brazil the lack of futuristic ideology and knowledge htc in sense struggled, faced troubles and htc eventually failed but it's not over yet.. . 

• Why HTC is quietly brilliant •

HTC Is indeed just marvellous in its limits either its design, build quality, software or any other department even features look odd but they arranged with brilliance. 

To know better about HTC smartphones and why thier smartphones are best and mainly why thier budget phones are still awesome even with less features now we will look into every aspect of HTC phones and detailed look into htc budget model htc explorer a310e populary known as htc pico released in the year 2012 including some popular models of htc 

HTC doesn't like to over exaggerate things they put the potential product on table and leave the rest to consumers they never did any fancy adverts or over-hyped the things or features which given alot reputation to htc from geeks. 

In terms of design HTC needs a big upvote here as the design is the most favorite one for most HTC users which is the most well crafted design thank to thier R&D and thier designer most HTC smartphones are good with its design and good in-hand feel but HTC doesn't give you glossy backs or any special editions like oneplus they just give you carefully crafted design that works for long time. 

HTC like to continue in traditonal style like sony in terms of design they didn't like to add notch, dew drop or punch holes to smartphones instead continued in the old design but due to less screen aspect ratio in traditional style htc doesn't have any other way except accepting the fact and they released a dew drop smartphone in thier budget phone later added punch hole display recent times but they never added big notch like apple which I appreciate! 

HTC never released any glass back phones or any special editions like one plus they sticked to plastic or metal body and well placed htc logo which looks awesome and it is indeed a plus factor to HTC as they use quality material to build phone body many people are ready to buy metal body smartphones even today. 

Previously, we said HTC didn't added any glossy glass designs or textures they just released traditional colors which perfectly apt to the phone physical design which is gives very cool experience including this htc released many cool color shades in thier new devices which is unique! 

This is HTC explorer A310E or atleast it is very similar to the above image this is a budget smartphone from HTC popularly known as htc pico comes with very basic features but it is excellent on its own. 

HTC played genuine role interms of budget smartphones they didn't over hyped specs of their budget smartphones in any ads or any platform just kept the specs simple as it was on device and phone simple but the smartphone used to perform way better then other over hyped devices out there. 

HTC explorer comes with compact design which is up-to-standards of that time the design make you feel comfortable in-hand and they didn't used any display protection like gorilla glass or dragontail but due to aerobics and design of HTC pico it can guard itself from accidentally drops. 

When to comes to processor HTC pico comes with snapdragon processor which clocked at 600 MHz which I think the only device to have 600 MHz no other phone company ever added 600 MHz processors into their devices instead either opted for single core processors which does not have ability to handle operations like the snapdragon processors do. 

HTC sticked to provide snapdragon chip eventhough it is clocked at 600mhz to give users some value chipset instead of useless single processors which can't be utilized for software development and enough optimization. 

Particularly, this snapdragon processor available on HTC pico do more than the other big processors at the time it is fluid and can play most big games available in 2012 with ease. 

HTC budget phones may have less specs but htc always provide top notch quality of thier limited specs due to that even a 600 MHz snapdragon processor beat samsung 1ghz processor phones at the time. 

To understand better you have to check this gaming review of htc explorer A310E by dr technology YouTube channel ! 

Now, the interesting part htc software they used to give stock android with htc sense custom skin on top of it which is very cool and people used to buy just for htc sense which is exceptional. 

There are many fans of htc sense custom skin which htc developed and upgraded to many versions over with every new phone the htc sense os make you feel awesome you will like to more and more overtime. 

There is some magic in htc sense which is excellent which can only be experienced by htc users the magic secret only knows to htc kudos to them for the htc sense. 

Listen to the geeks who reviewed htc UI and thier user experience to get more in- depth idea. 

When it comes display eventhough they provide you little display htc used to give good quality display even it is TFT like apple retina display the colors, details, vibrance and clarity everything seems perfect in htc display's. 

Atlast, the common features like storage, ram, battery and camera are normal they didn't any big improvements yet it is top quality you will get better then phones which overexaggerate everything. 

In conclusion you can see htc is quietly brilliant even in limited features but htc didn't understood people psychology well as on-paper-specs matters then the real life usage including that lack of updates and improvements and to acknowledge the potential of markets like India and other and repeating the same mistakes while reviving the lost glory etc which all things gradually made htc to get out of league. 

• HTC - will it rise again •

HTC have numerous possibilities to get back on track which they lost they still have market in India and other developing markets for  budget phones which they can utilise with value added products. 

HTC have to inspire from infinix, tecno and micromax where companys like Infinix and tecno transformed Africa with low price of smartphone while micromax which lost track trying to enter the league with thier micromax note series. 

HTC still has the ability to produce good devices in budget on paper and real life to markets like India which slowly make them enter into budget smartphones league in countries like India, Brazil and grow like oneplus, Xiaomi, Infinix or tecno with htc own glory and brand identity. 

But, HTC have to give more-on-paper spec -ifications and also give more ads to reach more people in India or overseas. 

Yes, htc can rise again by fixing all the mistakes they did in past and by following the Indian brand micromax which revived it's brand by the release of micromax note series htc have to do something like this to rise again! 

Finally, In one word htc is indeed quietly brilliant but it lost track and it has to get back on track for its glory and brand name which is possible if htc fix the mistakes they done in past, do you like htc sense say your user experience in our comment section below, see ya :-)