Signal Messenger - Does it have potential to become alternative to what'sapp!
We all know WhatsApp is such an amazing social messaging app which have billions of downloads in playstore which is utilised by company's, corporates and individuals for various purposes for its simplicity and features which is also first known to give simple user experience with free calls and messaging anywhere in the world. 

Due to that WhatsApp gained tremendous popularity in short time which later they developed and upgraded over time with new features and updated terms & privacy policy's. 

WhatsApp terms and conditions or privacy policy's are always meant for users thier privacy policys are always acceptable but thier recent Jan 2021 privacy policy's are collecting more data then usual. 

Which raised concerns and complaints from users around the world but whats App not replied yet.

In this scenario, WhatsApp users who are serious about new privacy policy started switching to other apps while majority of users already on telegram which is known for it's incredible privacy & security based features but it has drawback telegram Is not suitable for serious messages it is not friendly to law enforcements and mainly it is filled with piracy which many users and companys don't like it and it's is no where compatible to use it for corporates, users who need protection from scammers and people who do business through apps like whatsapp. 

In this situation to find alternative to whats App a well known entrepreneur Elon musk recommend and suggested an messaging app alternative to whatapp which is known as signal messenger by signal foundation! 

Signal messenger welcomes you by this message " Say Hi to Privacy

It is indeed made in-focus of privacy and security which have end to end encryption on every message, calls which is based on signal open source protocol including that it has no advertisements, no trackers and signal messenger is completely non-profit which relyed on donations from users like you that gives extra reliance. 

If you are not serious about your privacy and it is ok if companys impact try to do impact on you with the information that they got from WhatsApp then it is ok for you but there are alot of people who are unhappy with new policys as they don't want companys to impact on them with thier personal data. 

But, if you are serious about privacy and don't want any company including Whats App to impact on you directly or indirectly then you have to go for signal messenger. 

However, in reality it is very hard for signal messenger to make majority of WhatsApp users switch to thier messaging app due to various reasons it takes time to reach all people around the world even telegram taken alot time and there are people who still use WhatsApp due to no awareness or knowledge and most users don't even care about privacy policy's or terms they only care about either its working or not. 

Now, WhatsApp may or may not change thier privacy policy's considering the amount of complaints from all over the world as it impact both Facebook and WhatsApp it may change few things to satisfy the users or it will continue with same policy its upto them in some cases they may given options to choose users either they want continue in new policy or old policy. . 

The reason whatsapp taken this decision is due to thier upcoming services mark Zuckerberg said there are integrating all the social media apps like whatsapp and Facebook, Instagram in single app which may the reason this new policy trying to favorable and adapt to the single app. 

So, the chance of changing policy is very low it is better to switch then holding your important works that should be resumed as fast as you can.

Before, you begin searching for Signal. Messenger and installing from playstore let's know more details about signal. 

- App Info - Google Play

- How to download Signal Messenger - 

It is very easy to download signal messenger on these platforms for free! 

Signal Messenger Key features with UI & UX Overview • 

- Signal messenger welcomes you with the text that highlights privacy! 

- In the next screen you have to select your country and enter mobile number either to register or login in signal. 

- Now, you will get simple and clean chat section where you can message your contacts easily. 

- In settings, we have numerous features but most of the features are normal but you can see " Donate to Signal " which is the real reason that you have to use signal!

- In advanced, you can disable pin which will erase all data when you login unless you manually backup and restore! 

- In chat, we can video call, normal call, message and dissapearing messages, choose chat color and you can block contact to. 

In terms of user interface it is better then WhatsApp there is no doubt about it and user experience is ×2 far better then any messenger app out there due to its clean interface it gives you more simple and intuitive experience. 

Moreover, Yes, signal messenger is same like whatsapp with additional features for privacy and security including with better user interface and user experience than whatsapp if you are willing to get same features of whatsapp but want alternative then signal messenger awaiting for you. 

Finally, if you are concerned about your privacy and want better security model then signal messenger is definitely right choice, are you using signal messenger say your user experience in our comment section below, see ya :-)