Jeff Bezos founder of a well known online shopping website which was known for revolutionising the way people used to purchase products switching them to completely buy most products available in world digitally through online website with the features, Amazon got immense popularity among people over years due to that amazon got  huge profits which made Jeff Bezos richest man in the world.

But, recently Jeff Bezos not only stepped down as richest man in the world but also stepping down as CEO by appointing Andy Jason as new CEO and switching his role to executive chairman of Amazon which is an great strategic step considering current scenarios to according to us. 

Here's why, jeff Bezos was CEO of Amazon for more than 20 years he is contionously working to build amazon, eventhough he is the founder of alot of shares owned by third parties so Jeff Bezos only own less then 20% of amazon as a CEO he have complete responsibility over amazon profits and losses as a CEO after 20 years of successful company Jeff bezos as CEO done fabulous job but in future if amazon got into any bad situation then more likely Jeff Bezos will be blamed first by share holders so, it is better to appoint talented new CEO for amazon future operations like Google by switching his role in amazon to different position or role execute chairman of amazon LLC. 

However, there will be numerous reasons for appointing Andy Jassy as new CEO but Jeff Bezos switching his role from CEO to execute chairman in this time is definitely a brilliant step which will get him required relaxation from heavy work weights on his back & concentrate on other departments of amazon as a founder to make amazon more better in all the departments. 

Jeff Bezos decision to switch his role to executive chairman and appointing Andy Jassy as CEO can be said as new kickstart and a new beginning for amazon LLC, now
Andy Jassy have to take care of everything of amazon to continue the legacy & brand name that jeff Bezos developed all these 20 years worked extremely hard to sustain
as #1 online shopping website in world. 

Andy jassy ( Andrew R. Jassy ) joined amazon in 1997 his early roles was market manager and then 2003 he and jeff
bezos came up with idea to create cloud - computing platform that would become known as amazon web services ( AWS ) which launched in 2006 Jassy headed AWS and its team of 57 people In April 2016, Jassy was promoted from senior vice president to CEO of AWS.

Moreover, it can be said due to Andy Jassy relation with amazon for long time may be the reason Jeff Bezos appointed him CEO for amazon LLC. as Andy Jassy working for amazon from the beginnings days to today,#1 online shopping website! 

Finally, we like amazon alot, do you think appointing Andy Jassy as new CEO will work if yes why? Mention you views about this in our comment section, as per our view it is definitely a good decision for future of amazon LLC, see ya :-)