If you have bussiness or company then it is always better to have professional email address associated with it instead using a normal gmail or Yahoo account, bussiness email address give more authentic look & feel by putting your company, bussiness or website name at the end of your email. 

For example : if you take gmail, Yahoo or any other mail providers, you will get these type of mails : name@gmail.com or name @yahoo.com but if you take professional bussiness mail then you will get these type of mail 12345@yourcompany.com in place of yourcompany you have to enter your desired name. 

We have numerous websites available in internet to create bussiness emails most popularly google's gsuite is popular choice among bussiness and startups but users have to pay monthly or annually to use Gsuite due to that new startups who just started their new bussiness unable to afford and they prefer start looking for free bussiness email providers. 

In this scenario, we have a workaround to let you create professional email for free without monthly or annual payment that was required in Gsuite, you just need an email address from any email providers like gmail, Yahoo or outlook etc so that you can use it to get bussiness email completely for free. 

In search, of best way to create bussiness email for free we found one free bussiness email provider website who offer many more services including free bussiness address that you can utilise on your website to improvise it and the main prospect of this website was most tools and services were free. 

Note : To create professional bussiness email you need to have a domain from any domain provider, so that you can interlink the domain with email hosting provider and get custom professional bussiness email address that you can use later for various purposes. 

How to create free bussiness email

- Tap on SIGN UP

- Scroll down, Now you will find this free plan which will provide up to five users, with 5GB/User, 25 MB attachment limit and web access and free mobile apps, email hosting for single domain which is usually sufficient for new startups but the only issue with forever free plan was pop and IMAP is not included. 

- Tap on SIGN UP NOW

- Now, Provide the domain you already own and press on Add

- Enter you Name, Phone No, Password, Location, Contact email, and tap on check box to agree terms of service and privacy policy and PROCEED

- After, filling all the details, tap on SIGN UP 

- Tap on Proceed 

- Enter you domain name and press on Add then it will take few moments dony refresh or click browser back button as they mention over there. 

- Tap on Manage Domains to verify! 

- click on your unverified domain then you will get this pop-up now tap on VERIFY NOW. 

- You have three options TXT, CNAME or HTML, choose as per your liking, we suggest you to choose CNAME. after you successfully added Zoho mail CNAME in your domain DNS, wait for an hour usually it completes in few minutes then Tap on Verify. That's it! 

Finally, Zoho provide forever free email that is very easy to setup and use which is very useful for new companies & startups so that they utilise it to give their website more authentic feel and look, do you use Zoho or you started using Zoho, do you like it, if yes mention why in our comment section below, see ya :)