is one of the most popular content management system after word- it is founded by Evan Willians who also founded blogger made by pyra labs which later brought by Google, Evan
Williams was also co-founder of popular micro-blogging website Twitter, medium  is a platform for publishers to post their articles and content. 

Medium have large database of publishers after wordpress it has grown alot recent days we can utilise medium to get back- links for your website and rank articles faster on google search to get organic traffic for your website. 

Yes, In medium your articles will rank faster then your website because medium have huge number of quality articles from various publishers due to that high quality articles and their professional SEO their articles will get maximum possibility to rank faster on google search including articles that you published on medium.

So, In medium the articles that you posted will rank faster compared to your website incase your articles that you published are not indexed on google search then you can use medium to rank your articles faster on google search by just posting content that you already published on your website or you can write new content in medium and give backlink to your other articles on your website. 

You can publish content that was already published or you can create new content for medium both methods will rank your articles on google search but remember articles that you published in medium should have tags & search description which are necessary to rank articles properly on google search. 

Medium already helped many publishers to achieve their goals by ranking articles and getting organic traffic for website! do you want to grow your website to using then you can register in medium and start re-posting your old articles which are not indexed. 

We recommend if your articles not indexed on first page of google search even though the articles have potential to rank on first page of google results then try to publish such articles on to get your articles rank faster on first page of google results using

So, let's get started to rank your articles on google search results then you just have to register on which is simple you just have to follow below procedure! 

How to register in • 

- Go to and sign with you google gmail I'd! 

- Once it's verified, you have two options either you can access desktop mode or install mobile client. 

 We suggest you to use desktop version as medium app client is not yet ready to give all features there are some drawbacks you have on mobile app like you don't have op- tion to add search description. 

So, its better to use desktop version in your mobile browser or desktop mode in your laptop or PC where you have all the features needed for write articles with all the required features. 

But, incase you want to use mobile app of medium which is well optimized to work on all devices but with less features then you can try mobile app. 

• How to download medium app • 

It is very easy to download medium app from these sources for free. 

- App Info - Google Play -


Medium App Key features with UI & UX Overview • 

Overall, you have two modes in medium app while the original mode is normal but we personally like beta mode of medium as it will gives option to write article from home screen itself. 

Moreover, medium is an amazing platform to rank your articles on google search but you you can only post 3 articles daily so post articles or content that you think are important with high quality! 

Finally, Medium is another success project of Evan Williams after blogger, do you use medium if yes have you got success with medium and do your articles ranked on first page of google results, do mention in our comment section below, see ya :)