We have indefinite skills available in this world but only 1000's of skills available to people in internet via persons who already learnt the skills from creators or persons who have knowledge on the skill, once the person got knowledge in any skill and the person want to teach his skill to people then the person considered as teacher or tutor and the people who want to learn from teacher or tutor called as student. 

In SkillShare, persons who already have knowledge on skills converted their skills and knowledge to courses, so that it will become easy to learn by individuals who are interested to get knowledge on the skill, skillshare have more than 20,000+ adult courses available in their website. 

If you are interested to join in skillshare they are providing 7 days free trail and 2 month free trail with the promo code, once you registered on SkillShare with free trail subscription, after free trail ends you will automatically charged, so it is better to cancel subscription before your free trail ends incase you don't like skillshare to stop future automatic payments. 

• How to register in SkillShare •

- You can signup using Facebook, Google, Apple or Email

- To get 2 month premium subscription you need to apply promocode - ABG

- Once you entered your card details or used PayPal for payments then tap on Start your free 2 months.

- Now, you will be redirected to SkillShare website where you can now get unlimited access to thousands of classes by quality teachers from around the world. 

SkillShare not limited to website they have their own dedicated Android and iOS app to provide thier features and all courses in thier app to give simple & amazing usage experience, so that you can learn courses more conveniently and even watch videos offline through app. 

• How to download SkillShare •

- App Info - Google Play - 
- iOS - App Store -

It is very easy to download FAUG on these platforms for free! 

• iOS • 

SkillShare key features with UI & UX Overview • 

- In homescreen, you can check all training courses and the courses that you paused. 

- In search, you can explore categories like animation, graphic design, illustration, film
,crafts, originals and staff picks. 

- In My Classes, you can access your downloads, all saved classes, my lists, watch history. 

- Once, you play your any interested course, you have three options lessons, projects and discussions!

Overall, SkillShare provide effective clean UI and features which gives amazing user experience for users who are willing to get good usage experience so that they were able to learn courses easily including that SkillShare app make you use app more with thier wide range of huge courses. 

- Is SkillShare worth in 2021 -

Yes, definitely SkillShare worth in 2021 it can easily rank top 10 portals for people to learn courses online the main reason was skillshare provide premium membership at low price compared to many other sites including that SkillShare won't charge you for individual courses like udemy.com they will only charge monthly or annually and give you unlimited access to all courses.

Moreover, SkillShare provide you free trail for 7 days and 2 month free premium subscription with promocode so that you can check SkillShare and decide to continue with thier paid subscription or not which is great feature, compared to many other website SkillShare provide minimal price for online courses. 

Finally, SkillShare is a nice portal to learn courses online it has more that 20,000 + online courses for users, do you registered in SkillShare, if yes say your experience of SkillShare in our comment section below, see ya :)