Aatma Nirbhaar bharat program by PM Narendra Modi is truly successful it is the main reason we today seen potential world class apps from Indian developers whom inspired by aatma nirbhaar bharat program
recently many Indian developers started making potential alternative apps to most popular social media apps and games like Twitter india alternative desi Koo app is getting some tremendous hype and popular these days. 

In this scenario, Indian company Zoho corporation developed numerous apps inspired by aatma Nirbhaar bharat was also made an instant messaging app named arattai that was recently released can be considered as alternative to whatsapp and telegram due to its potential and if you like to support Indian apps. 

Arattai key features with UI & UX Overview •

Overall, Arattai istant messaging app UI is simple and clean it can easily beat UI & UX of most popular instant messaging apps like WhatsApp and telegram, arattai UI is simply awesome it has light mode and dark mode choose whichever good for you and mainly it is simple to use. 

Finally, Arattai is awesome we felt arattai better then telegram and WhatsApp but it need more features and we decided to use this app more, arattai by zoho corporation is definitely have potential but it was not getting much hype may it will receive in future, do you installed arattai, if yes which feature of arattai you like the most do mention it in our comment section below, see ya :)