Do you ever wanted to go Mars? then you may know scientists are working very hard take human kind to Mars and they recently made their Mars perseverance success, so as per experts it won't take more than 15y to take humans to planet Mars but there is this entrepreneur Elon musk who trying to take humans to planet Mars in affordable prices with his space x company due to him we may go to Mars sooner then the expected dates. 

Elon musk and Space X done revolutionary works in space field especially his rockets are re-usable due to that Space X is able to save ×2 money then NASA yet it is fact the space X company miserably failed several times in past, but as the quote say failure is the first step to success, space x failure eventually driven them to success making Elon musk the richest man in the world. 

It is important mention Elon musk when we write about Mars as due to him only Mars mission got so much popularity & hype and from then everyone who was interested in planet exploration eagerly wanted to go Mars and see it but as of now it's not possible! 

Eventhough, it is not possible to go Mars until 2027 but due to advanced technology we have today in this modern digital world you can experience Mars in your hand with mobile or PC, yes it may sound odd but it is possible with games based on Mars, as we said Elon musk created alot of hype for project Mars due to that many developers already created alot of games on Mars. 

Yes, there are alot games based on Mars  but we found one amazing Mars survival game that needs attention made by Indian developers named breathless who started developing it on 10 Oct 2020, as per team they can't reveal the story line as it was not released but the plot was as follows You 
set out with your crew on a mission to find the last remaining traces of life, as the last hopes of humanity set out to Mars their fate took a different turn. 

We are the first website to get interview with the breathless game team who given us an opportunity to interview and get to know alot of details regarding the game and the future endeavors of their gaming company Team Isometric, which was not legally registered though, we thank them for all the time given for the interview. 

Breathless : Game team target to only do release in PC with ensuring the users can enjoy the game in low end PC's as release date concerned breathless is still in prod- uction due to that developers was unable to pinpoint exact date but expected to be launched later this year if everything goes well including that they were unable to say any minimum system requirements. 

However, breathless is story based single player game which they are interested to add multi-player in future but as of now it is going to release with only offline mode which is understandle and yes the game developers will release beta or alpha ver. for sure in first releases which distributed to only selected people and the stable ver. will be released for larger audience. 

If you are serious about graphics, we was confirmed by lead programmer of breath- less the game will have low poly & high - poly 3d structures with low poly being the majority to make sure the game will not cartoony, you can take a look of graphics in the teaser and exclusive snapshots of breathless with the information about team isometric below if you are excited to know below! 

•  Breathless - Survival Game Team • 

- Lead Game Designer - TheRedChip
- Lead Programmer - DemonSlayee
- 3D Artist - Jar
- 2D Artist - Rexlaze
- Sound Artist - ML

Breathless - Official Support • 

• Breathless - Chapter 1 Teaser

Breathless - Exclusive Images • 

Overall, this pre-made working images of Breathless survival game looks fabulous & interesting and this low poly and high poly 3d images are super fine, based on all the images available out there, we can say the game will be impressive it increased alot of expectations. I hope the user interface and user experience will be good! 

Moreover, the game is made by the young & aspiring developers who want to make  an impact on gaming industry and this is thier big first serious project which they are continuously working to make it feel great, so we have to wait and see how Breathless - survival game on mars will make an impact on the gamers especially who like to play space games. 

Finally, this is the buzz and information about the game Breathless, do we raised your interest on this game, do you like the working images, are you awaiting for the game like us?, if yes do mention your view and also share anything that you want to convey with the Breathless developers like tips etc in our comment section below. See ya :)