Do you use telegram? ever wonder how the stickers were created that you use frequently! we will now show you how to create your own set pack of stickers on telegram, so that you can send and chat with your own flavor of stickers with friends, groups and channels! Let's start creating stickers on telegram. 

• How to create stickers on telegram

- Go to Telegram App and Search @Stickers then you will find official stickers bot from telegram tap on it. 

- Go back, and search for @img_resize_bot and tap on it. 

- Tap on Start,

 - In Resize Image Bot! If you send image or an image file, It will resize it to fit in a 512x512 square, and send you back the file in PNG format. So that you can send them to @Stickers bot to create or add a new sticker to your sticker pack!

- Go back to @Stickers and tap on START

- Tap on /newpack to create stickers. 

- Enter your desired sticker pack name and send it. 

- Now, send the png files that you received from  image resize bot. 

- Then, Send any emoji to that particular sticker to use. 

- Tap on /publish and tap on /skip or you can add 100×100 image if you already have with you. 

- Enter the desired URL name for the sticker pack that you just created. 

- Tap on URL to add the sticker pack on your telegram account to use it. 

Overall, @Stickers and @Img_Resize_Bot is impressive, especially @Img_Resize_Bot
easy the process of making stickers, but do note you can use apps like PixelLab or softwares like Photoshop to resize the images to 512×512 alternatively and send them to stickers bot, however utilsing this bots will provide clean user interface that give simple and cool user experience for the user. 

Moreover, In @Stickers, there are alot of options that you can see in the above pic which you can use later on, including that you can create unlimited set of stickers in one pack just send as many resized png's to bot it will create stickers automatically with thier technology, so check them out. 

Finally, this is how you can create your own pack of stickers on telegram, do you like it? If yes do you now tried to create your own pack of stickers using bots? Incase, you already created stickers on telegram before, do mention your pack of stickers URL in comment section below, see ya :)