If you just started your own website or any blog but you don't know how to rank it on Google Search you are at right place we will teach you how to get quality backlinks easily for free so that you can rank your website, blog or articles on 1st page of Google search results. 

But If you already own a blog or website for some period of time you may probably know the fact ranking website or articles require good quality backlinks which will increase domain authority and notify Google that your website, blog or articles have quality content so they have to rank them to showcase to visitors. 

Remember, Google only rank website, blog or articles with quality content so you also have to write quality content which is main thing and then later you have to get good quality backlinks so it will progress faster  to rank your website as blog or article on Google search results. 

Yes, but beginners or newbies who just started their own website or blog career don't know how to get backlinks they try super hard but unable to get good results and endup getting poor low quality back- links which are not worth but usually most beginners create Facebook or Instagram twitter accounts and link their website or blog which is little beneficial as it will be considerable quality backlinks. 

So, if you are a complete beginner but you not even created facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts then create them and add your website or blog link including that post your all articles which will not only give you considerable backlinks but also establish and increase brand identity. 

In this scenario, we found reliable source named LinkedIn this is a employment - oriented online service like google's kormo or naukri that give user to post thier CV or resume in website to apply for jobs and connect with people worldwide, it is one of the most popular website, usually most digital marketers use it to get backlinks but newbie don't use it because of lack of knowledge but you can now use it to get quality backlinks for your website or blog, and articles for free but first you have to know how to simply register in LinkedIn to get started!

LinkedIn is an American business and employment-oriented online service that operates via websites and mobile apps. Launched on May 5, 2003, the platform is mainly used for professional networking, and allows job seekers to post their CVs and employers to post jobs but you can use it to get backlinks for your website, blog, pages or articles for free. 

Note : According to LinkedIn terms and services, you can't use company name, if you using company email then navigate to settings, profile and change it to your real name to start creating backlinks else they will block or disable your account. 

How to register in LinkedIn.com

- Go to LinkedIn.com

- Tap on Join now

- You can create own email and password or tap on join with google to use Gmail

- Once, you enter your email and password,
just tap on Agree & Join to continue. 

- LinkedIn, will do a security check. 

- Tap on Verify

- Solve the LinkedIn security check up. 

- Enter your current city or postal code and tap on Lets get started ->

- Meanwhile, check your gmail or email service and find mail from verification email from LinkedIn and tap on Agree & confirm your email and open in the same browser where you start registering to save time and become LinkedIn user. 

- Enter your job title, most recent company and tap on Continue or you just registering in LinkedIn to get only backlinks then tap on I don't have experience. 

- Tap on Not Now to quickly create back - links for your website or blog. 

- Tap on Skip

Congratulations, You successfully added all the basic details in LinkedIn.com, now you can start creating backlinks for your website, blog or articles, pages, the steps will be mentioned below. 

• How to create backlinks for the website, blog, pages and articles on LinkedIn • 

- Tap on Create a post

- Tap on camera icon to Add your website or blog logo to give good backlink feel. 

- You can also include meta description for more informative feel and look and do add #hastags it will also add additional benefit in Search Engine Optimization. 

- Tap on Post 

- Tap on Continue with mobile web

- Now, you successfully created backlink for your website , let's create backlink for your article, tap on + Post

- Just copy and paste the page or article URL here it will be automatically fetched. 

Congrats, you successfully created back- link for your article or pages. 

Atlast, you can now create backlinks for your website, blog or articles here, just enter you website, blog or articles links here by adding image and Post them. that's it now you successfully created backlinks for your website, blog or articles for free. 

Overall, LinkedIn.com is very easy to use due to its simple user interface with blue color UI mode gives vivid and cool user experience but we have to wait and LinkedIn get any major UI changes or not in future as of now LinkedIn have perfect user interface and user experience. 

Moreover, it is worth to mention LinkedIn is not only useful to get backlinks for your website, blog or articles it is also good platform to get traffic, yes LinkedIn is a employment oriented service that connect millions of users world-wide so you can get alot traffic because it is one of the old popular website, if you work little hard then your post may reach to people who using LinkedIn so they will redirect to your website, blog or articles.

Finally, this is LinkedIn.com, employement oriented service and good reliable source to get backlinks for your website, blog or articles for free, the registration process is simple, they have many features which you can utilise to improvise your posts, do you tried LinkedIn.com to get backlinks? if yes do you found it useful to get backlinks, do mention your experience in our comment section below, see ya :)