In today's modern world, email are in use like never before it has become very easy to send and receive emails in few taps on screen not like in olden days where you need an IBM computer to send emails which are only limited to employees of IBM and rich persons. 

However, daily billons of email were sent and received by individuals & companies to handle them we need secured transfer of emails from privacy and secured email service provider but it has become really hard to find secure email service provider these days as hackers finding new ways to decrypt emails and hack email accounts. 

As criminals evolving to techy and smart these days doing surveillance on them is truly hard not only them today government trying to spy on government officials and politicians for various reasons for them NSA - national security agency monitor or do surveillance on emails from criminals or government officials or politicians who need to be in surveillance as per orders from government to NSA but all the things will be handled carefully with anonymity. 

In such scenario, there is big chance that your email not secured upto top security standards which means if you truly cares about your privacy then you must need to take care of your email service provider you are using else there is big risk that your email can be hacked. 

However, most email service providers use top standards security and care for privacy of the user either google's gmail or Yahoo but not always because previously in past Gmail faced many virus related hacks and issues due to that few times gmail server also went down which later fixed but this can re-occur in future and gmail never and ever said it is specifically made for privacy oriented people either advertisement in such way. 

Yes, Gmail or Yahoo is less secure and we are able to see many privacy concerns that raised before yet it is still usable but not to people who take their privacy to seriously for them they have to look for alternatives which provide far more security & privacy oriented email service provider with strict locality laws. 

We do like to use secure email service that give more privacy to user with its features, in search of such email service provider in this tech world we found ProtonMail - by Proton Technologies AG who also created Proton VPN which is an awesome free VPN, when it comes to ProtonMail it is perfect email service provider who take their privacy very seriously. 

Do you take your email privacy seriously? then why late let's know more about this ProtonMail which will make you to use it immediately, eventhough ProtonMail do says it is very secure that doesn't mean your email can't be hacked it just decrease the probability of getting hacked as new powerful hacking techniques and tricks are in development we can't guarantee anything in this digital world. 

When it comes to history of ProtonMail it is created and developed by MIT scientists and engineers in Switzerland which means ProtonMail has to follow Swiss laws they have very strict privacy laws so that you can trust and rely on ProtonMail so when we compare ProtonMail with any other popular email service provider like Gmail or Yahoo then surely ProtonMail wins! 

ProtonMail will secure communications as we earlier said ProtonMail incorporated in Switzerland so that all the servers located in Switzerland which means all the user data is protected by Swiss privacy laws that gives you assurance as Swiss has strict privacy laws due to that reason most billionaires or politicians store their black money or cash in swiss bank as Swiss government won't share details. 

Before, we continue let's know more about ProtonMail it is created and developed by scientists, engineers, & developers drawn together by shared vision to protect civil liberties online with build In-end to end encryption and security features, thier main goal is to build an internet that respects privacy and is secure against cyberattacks.

• ProtonMail Official Team •

• CEO/Founder - Dr. Andy Yen
CTO - Bart Butler
Technical Operations - Dingchao Lu
Infrastructure - Dr. Jan Veverka
• Front-End - Richared Tetaz
• Software Architect - Yanfeng Zheng
Mobile - Dino Kadrikj
ProtonVPN CTO - Samuele Kaplun 
Customer Support - Violeta Kochoska
Head of Sales - Seb Pere
Advisor - Antonio Gambardella
Advisor - Giacomo

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We have numerous amazing privacy based features that you need to know before you start registering in ProtonMail or installing ProtonMail Mail App, we mentioned all the required information regarding ProtonMail with all key features. 

• ProtonMail Official Support •

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• How to download ProtonMail • 

It is very easy to download ProtonMail on these platforms for free! 

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Note : Eventhough most users today using mobile app to send or recieve emails, we only able to review key features with UI & UX of protonmail website as mobile in-app doesn't allow to take screenshots are not supported protonmail we will try to review everything available on the ProtonMail mobile app including more information that you need to know. 

How to Create Email in ProtonMail • 

- Tap on Get encrypted email

- Scroll down!
- Now, you will get few plans, choose your interested paid or free plan, we choosed free plan for demo purposes. 

- Scroll down. Click on CREATE ACCOUNT


- Now you successful created ProtonMail Enjoy

• ProtonMail Key features with UI & UX Overview • 

- [email protected] get custom domain addresses for you and all your employees. 

- Encrypt all emails automatically within your organization, without the need for an add-on or plugin.

- Send and receive confidential emails. No third party can access them, not even us.

- Exchange easily with your existing PGP partners (if applicable), thanks to our full PGP support.

- You don’t have to re-train your teams on new tools. They can continue using Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird and benefit from ProtonMail encryption.

- Log in through your web favorite browser on MacOS, Windows, or Linux.

- Spam Protection : Protect your inbox from unwanted emails, like spam and malware.

- Filters : Set up automatic filters to sort your mailbox and prioritize the emails that matter most.

- Advanced Search : Find anything in your mailbox using the Bridge, our easy-to-install software that lets you use Outlook, Apple Mail, and Thunderbird.

- Out of office : Set an out-of-office response to let contacts know when you’re unavailable.

- Signatures : Add an email signature with your company’s logo and links to your website, so your emails look professional.

- Catch All : Receive all mail sent to your domain, even if it was sent to a nonexistent email address. 

- Once you login, you can access all emails here! 

- Tap on hamburger menu to Access Inbox, drafts, sent, started, archive, spam, trash, all mail and remaining features available in ProtonMail. 

Overall, Protonmail is well secured and it is very simple to use, protonmail mail have many useful features that will make your more secure due to its easy to navigate user interfaces protonmail web gives simple yet awesome user experience. 

Finally, this is protonmail, the new email service provider that can be considered as alternative to gmail or Yahoo if you are too serious about privacy, so why late let's go and start registering for protonmail, and do you registered on protonmail or you are already user of protonmail, if yes how is your experience with protonmail so far, do mention it down below in our comment section, see ya :)